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6.3.2 Educational Equity Programs (SUCCESS & Community Involvement Program) Advisory Board (J,S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council, Administration, Revised November 2001; Revised November 11, 2004, Revised December 13, 2007, Revised August 2, 2017

The Educational Equity Programs Advisory Board will advise the Vice President for Student Life on the matters of the programs.  

The Educational Equity Programs Advisory Board is composed of the Executive Director of the Educational Equity Programs, Director of Community Involvement Program, two student representatives: two students from the Educational Equity Programs, two faculty representatives (two-year staggered), two representatives from Admissions Office, Financial Aid Officer, Delta College Educational Opportunity Service representative, two EEP Alumni, and two Community representatives. Faculty members are elected by Academic Council.  

EEP students will be elected by EEP students once a year at the end of the Spring Semester. Community representatives and EEP Alumni will serve for two years (staggered) and will be nominated by current community representative/EEP Alumni and the Vice President of Student Life.  

The Chair will be appointed by the Vice President of Student Life. The positions will be held from August 1st to July 31st