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6.3.10 Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) (J,U)

Approved by Academic Council on October 10, 2013 and by President October 16, 2013

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is a standing joint administrative faculty committee charged to support University strategy and planning at the highest level.  The committee advises on strategy, helps develop planning materials, analyzes data and information to support current plans, and ensures the alignment and integration of planning across the institution.

The Strategic Planning Committee:

  1. Develops and revises the university's Strategic Plan for approval by the President and Board;
  2. Ensures integrations and alignment of the university Strategic Plan with divisional, college, and school plans and with other critical planning processes;
  3. Recommends metrics for measuring progress and success in achieving the strategies within the Plan;
  4. Helps to shape the university's implementation plan and reviews it annually;
  5. Continuously monitors the university's progress toward achieving the plan's goals;
  6. Interacts with the strategic budgeting process to assure the plan informs budgetary decisions.

The Committee membership:
The Strategic Planning Committee will be a 12 person committee plus the Provost who will serve as the chair of the SPC.  The majority of the committee members will be from the academic division.  The chief institutional planner (currently Associate Vice President for Planning) will serve as non-voting staff support to the committee. 

Membership will be:
One student representative (undergraduate or grad/professional)
      Student members serve one-year terms.

Four Administrative/Staff representatives allocated as follows:
      Ex-Officio professional staff position.
      One representative from the Division of Student Life
      Two additional Administrative/Staff representatives appointed by the President

Seven Faculty representatives allocated as follows:
      A representative elected from the faculty of the Sacramento campus
      A representative elected from the faculty of the San Francisco campus
      Additionally, the faculty shall elect, after receiving a long slate of nominees from the Council of Deans, The Administration, and the faculty at large, two members to the committee for three year terms.  The  Academic Council Executive Board shall, after receiving input on the remaining nominees from the President, then choose three additional nominees from the list to serve as members on the committee. 

Initial Appointments:  One of the appointed members shall be initially appointed for a one year term.  Two of the appointed members shall be initially appointed for a two year term.