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6.4.1 Academic Regulations Committee (A, S)

Approved (before 1980) by Academic Council, Administration on April 24, 2002, Revised and approved by Academic Council on February 11, 2010, Revision approved by Administration on May 25, 2010

The Academic Regulations Committee has four primary responsibilities as follows:

  1. Original jurisdiction of requests from any student on the Stockton campus for exceptions to general University academic regulations as follows:

    1. Academic residence requirements;
    2. Multiple degree requests;
    3. Transfer credit limitations;
    4. Inter-college/school problem;
    5. Requests delegated by a school or college.
  2. Appellate jurisdiction for students who wish to appeal decisions on academic matters rendered by a committee of an individual school or college as follows:

    1. Student study programs;
    2. Add/drop requests;
    3. Degree requirements;
    4. Scholarship actions: probation, disqualifications, honors recognition;
    5. P/NC limitations.
  3. Original jurisdiction for students of any school or college that does not have its own committee for acting on petitions on the academic matters listed in "b" above.

Appeal of the Academic Regulations Committee decisions go to the Provost Office.

The voting members include: The University Registrar, as chair, is a non-voting member, except to break a tie; a representative from the Division of Student Life, the Director of Admission or designee, the Director of Student Business Services or designee, one administrator or faculty member from each of the schools or colleges on the Stockton campus, at least two of whom should be faculty elected by their respective faculties for three-year overlapping terms, and at least two but not more than four students appointed by the ASUOP.

The secretary shall be from the Office of the Registrar.