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6.4.2 Judicial Review Board/Hearing Officer (A, S)

Approved by Academic Council on March 26,1976; ASUOP on February 26, 1976; Administration April 7, 1976; Revised May 28, 2002; Revised June 28, 2002; Approved by Academic Council on September 12, 2002

The purpose of Judicial Review Boards and Hearing Officers is to adjudicate alleged violations of the Student Conduct Code.

"Adjudicate" means to determine whether or not, a student has violated a provision of the Student Conduct Code and, if so, to impose sanction.

Based on the nature of the alleged violation, adjudications will be referred by the Director of Judicial Affairs to either a Judicial Review Board or a Hearing Officer.

Complete guidelines are set forth in the Student Conduct Code.

Judicial Review Board members and Hearing Officers will be appointed by the Vice President for Student Life to serve for two year terms from a recommended pool, consisting of: six faculty nominated by the Academic Council, nine students nominated by ASUOP and six administrators nominated by the Director of Judicial Affairs.

The membership of each Judicial Review Board consists of three students, two faculty, and one administrator.

A student member will convene a Board.

The position of chair will be rotated among the student members of a Board.

The Director of Judicial Affairs will train all Review Board members and Hearing Officers on judicial proceedings.