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6.4.7 Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) (A, S)

Approved by Provost and Academic Council on April 24, 2002

This Committee reviews research protocols that require the use of animals to ensure that the methods of animal care and use are appropriate and in compliance with federal and institutional regulations.

The responsibilities of the IACUC include:

  1. review and approval of all research protocols involving laboratory animals;
  2. inspection of the animal facilities at least twice a year; and 
  3. evaluation of the animal care program within the institution and service as an informational source on animal concerns for the institutional personnel and the community at large.

The Committee consists of eight members appointed by the Provost including: a chair, a veterinarian, four faculty members, a representative from animal care facility staff and a lay-person not affiliated with the University.

The School of Dentistry maintains a separate animal care and use committee for research on the San Francisco campus.