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7.10.2 Grievance Committee

The Grievance Committee consists of 16 members elected from among faculty members nominated by the Professional Relations Committee. Eight members are from the Stockton campus, four from the Sacramento campus, and four from the San Francisco campus. The members are elected on each campus by the voting faculty on that campus, and members serve four-year staggered terms. The members on the Stockton campus are distributed as follows: a total of three from the College of the Pacific and the School of International Studies, and one each from the Conservatory of Music, the Eberhardt School of Business, the Benerd School of Education, the School of Engineering, and the Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. After serving on the Grievance Committee, members shall remain eligible, for an additional five years, to serve on a hearing panel. The full membership of the Grievance Committee shall meet annually to elect a Chair from among the members, to evaluate the operation of these procedures, and to recommend appropriate revisions of the system to the Academic Council, the Provost, and the President.

The Grievance Committee shall also propose to the Academic Council, the Provost, and the President appropriate written rules (the "Rules Applicable to Hearings"), consistent with these Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures for Faculty Members, specifying such details as the time and manner in which the actions called for by these procedures are to be carried out, the extent and nature of pre-hearing exchanges of exhibits and intended testimony, and the way in which a record of proceedings is to be maintained. The Grievance Committee shall also have the authority to propose to the Academic Council, the Provost, and the President guidelines to assure that the Campus Advisory Committees on Grievances described in section 7.10.3 below carry out their duties in a manner that gives affected faculty members a fair opportunity to present relevant information, both in writing and by such additional methods as may be called for by the circumstances. The Rules Applicable to Hearings and any guidelines applicable to the Campus Advisory Committees shall become effective after approval by the Academic Council, the Provost, and the President.