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7.10.3 Campus Advisory Committees on Grievances

The voting faculty of each campus shall elect faculty members to three-year staggered terms as members of a Campus Advisory Committee on Grievances (the “Advisory Committee”) for that campus. There shall be six members of the Advisory Committee for the Stockton campus, while the Advisory Committees in Sacramento and San Francisco shall each have three members. The members of the Advisory Committee shall, upon request, inform faculty members on the campus about the procedures applicable to grievances and charges. If a member of the Advisory Committee on the Sacramento or San Francisco campus is disqualified from participating in a matter or is otherwise unavailable, the two other members of the Advisory Committee may designate a replacement for that matter. If any such vacancy is not filled within a reasonable time, the Chair of the Grievance Committee shall designate a replacement. On the Stockton campus, each matter shall be handled by a panel of three members, chosen from among the six members on that campus by the Chair of the Grievance Committee. Each Advisory Committee panel shall choose its own Chair.