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7.10.4.a Grievances

The allegation by a faculty member

  1. that University policy, procedures, or rules have been violated and that the violation has caused substantial consequences, or
  2. that such a faculty member has been otherwise treated inequitably by the University in relation to others,

is an appropriate matter for the filing of a grievance by a faculty member. A grievance may challenge an act or failure to act by an administrative officer that directly and adversely affects the faculty member as an individual in his or her professional or academic capacity. The grievance process may not be used to challenge a policy of general applicability on the ground that it is unfair or inadvisable, nor may it be used for minor matters unless such acts are part of a pattern of inequitable treatment. A grievance by a faculty member shall be filed with the Chair of the Grievance Committee, who shall refer it to the appropriate Campus Advisory Committee for consideration in the manner described in section 7.10.5 below.