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7.10.7.c Interim Suspension

Approved by Academic Council December 10, 2015, Administration January 10, 2016)

Faculty members may be disciplined by the imposition of a severe sanction only after compliance with the Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures for Faculty Members. In appropriate circumstances, as determined by the Provost, the Provost may suspend a faculty member pending the final resolution of a charge. Such an interim suspension is appropriate only if the Provost finds that the faculty member's continued assignment to regular duties is likely to be immediately and seriously harmful to the University community. Before such an action is taken, the Provost shall consult with the Chair of the Grievance Committee. A faculty member who is suspended pending resolution of a charge will ordinarily continue to receive full pay and benefits, but in extraordinary circumstances, as determined by the Provost in consultation with the Faculty Grievance Committee Chair, an interim suspension without pay may be imposed.  Extraordinary circumstances shall only exist where there is an immediate risk of potential harm to the University community.