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7.3 Minimum Requirements for Appointment and/or Promotion

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration

The following minimum requirements are necessary but not sufficient causes for promotion. In order to qualify for appointment or promotion, a faculty member must meet minimum requirements and, in addition, must also demonstrate, in the judgment of the faculty, the dean, and the Provost, achievements as specified in Section 7.4 and in the evaluation criteria and procedures of the school, college, or library in which the faculty member holds an appointment.

7.3.1 Minimum Academic Requirements for Appointment to Academic Rank in the University
7.3.2 Minimum Length of Service for Promotion
7.3.3 Minimum Requirements for Evaluationfor Appointment with Tenure
7.3.4 Evaluation of Prior Service
7.3.5 Limitation on Time in the Rank ofInstructor
7.3.6 Exceptions to Minimum Service and Probation Requirements
7.3.7 Administrators with Faculty Status