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7.4 Process for Promotion and Appointment with Tenure

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration

The process for promotion and appointment depends on a careful evaluation by a peer committee of all evidence deemed appropriate for consideration at the time the evaluation report is written. Subsequent recommendations by the department chair, dean or Provost should be based only on this body of evidence.

In order to be considered, additional evidence, that becomes available after the evaluation report is submitted, must be reviewed by the evaluation committee to determine if the evaluation report should be amended. The revision of the report must be done expeditiously so that the Promotions and Tenure Committee can act in a timely manner.

The process for promotion and appointment consists of the following stages.

7.4.1 Initiation of the Process
7.4.2 Evaluation by Faculty Committee
7.4.3  Faculty and Department Chair Recommendations
7.4.4 Dean's Recommendation
7.4.5 Recommendation from the Promotions and Tenure Committee
7.4.6 Provost's Recommendation
7.4.7 Decision of the President