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7.5.3 Calendar of Evaluation and Review Dates

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration

Annual Review. There will be an annual review of each faculty member's teaching and advising, scholarly or artistic achievements, and professional service for the previous year, as well as current work and projected activities. This review will follow procedures described in Section 7.5.5.i and be scheduled so as to affect teaching load assignment and salary recommendations for the subsequent academic year. Annual reviews may also provide material to be considered in evaluations of tenured faculty and in evaluations for retention, tenure, and promotion.

Evaluation for Reappointment. A recommendation for reappointment of first-year faculty is to be submitted to the Provost in February. Second-year faculty are recommended for reappointment in November.

The evaluation for retention may be administrative (not a committee evaluation), or it may be a peer (committee) evaluation. A peer evaluation for retention must occur at least three years before the scheduled tenure evaluation. For faculty credited with prior years of teaching, the timing of the first peer evaluation will depend upon the number of years of credited prior service specified in the initial letter of appointment.

Combining Evaluations for Tenure and Promotion. Evaluations for tenure and promotion should be combined into a single evaluation whenever possible.

Evaluation for Tenure. Faculty shall be evaluated for tenure in or before the fall of the year before the last probationary year. In the spring of each academic year, the dean shall submit to the faculty of the department, school, library, or college a list of those within the unit who are due for evaluation for tenure in the upcoming academic year. Faculty members may not defer an evaluation for tenure.

Evaluation for Promotion. Faculty may be evaluated for promotion in the fall of the academic year before reaching eligibility. In the spring of each academic year, the dean shall notify the faculty of the library, department, school, or college who become eligible for promotion in the upcoming academic year. Faculty members may consent to or defer evaluation for promotion.

Evaluation of Tenured Faculty. Tenured faculty should be evaluated every fifth year, unless there has been an evaluation for promotion or reassignment in the two years prior to when such an evaluation would be due. Fifth-year evaluations will employ the same criteria as other evaluations. A unit may establish a procedure whereby five annual faculty reviews are so structured as to culminate in a fifth-year report. Units that choose this option must furnish details in their statement of evaluation criteria and procedures.