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7.5.4.b Effective Dates for Change in Evaluation Criteria

Approved by Academic Council, Provost, Faculty; revised April 16, 2014, Revised and approved by Academic Council on November 10, 2016, by the Faculty on December 13, 2016 and by the Provost on February 14, 2017  

If a change in the standards occurs prior to the year of a candidate's tenure and/or promotion review, the decision will be based on the standard at date-of-hire unless professional accreditation of programs require a prompt change or the candidate chooses the new standards. Promotion to full professor review will follow the new standards if changes to standards occur outside of the two years prior to the candidates promotion to full professor.  This policy also applies to approved revisions of unit guidelines. When changes are made either at the University level or at the unit level, the unit must assist faculty to make the transition to the new standards in an equitable manner.