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7.5.5.a Adoption of Unit Guidelines

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration; revised April 16, 2014

The Dean and the Faculty of each unit shall review, adopt, and publish its evaluation guidelines. Adopted unit guidelines will be reviewed by the Professional Relations Committee and acted on by the Academic Council and the Provost to ensure conformity to University-wide principles of evaluation. The Provost and the Academic Council shall strive to provide joint recommendations to the President whenever possible, but if disagreement exists separate recommendations and supporting information should be provided. The Provost will forward the proposed unit guidelines, decisions, and related information to the President for final action.

The primary responsibility for evaluating faculty performance rests with the unit (library, college, school, or department). Evaluations must be performed in an atmosphere of openness and fairness. Thus, faculty should be fully aware of all expectations and responsibilities. Ensuring such awareness is a joint responsibility of the faculty member being evaluated and the unit governance body that establishes policies for the assignment of teaching load as well as expectations regarding scholarly activity and service. All such policies must conform to University guidelines stated in Section 7.5.4.