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7.5.5.b Providing Written Guidelines

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration; revised April 16, 2014

The Dean of each unit will provide its faculty at the time of hire with a copy of the By-Laws of the University and a written statement of its unit guidelines including criteria and procedures for selecting new faculty, evaluating faculty for retention, promotion, and tenure, conducting annual reviews, and evaluating tenured faculty. For each kind of evaluation, the unit guidelines will identify:

  1. the nature and scope of the evaluation, including whether it will be conducted by an administrator, a committee, or by both,
  2. the relative importance within the unit of the criteria for evaluation, as subject to University-wide priorities set forth in Section 7.5.4.
  3. the kinds of information deemed most relevant within the unit for the particular evaluation,
  4. the sources from which information should be gathered, including how prior evaluations will be used, and
  5. methods for gathering information that minimize potential bias and distortion, so as to represent accurately the accomplishments of the faculty member.