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7.5.5.e Evaluation by Committee

Approved by Academic Council, Faculty, Administration

Unit guidelines will include a procedure for the selection of evaluation committees. The chairperson of the evaluation committee will be determined by the committee. Those departmental chairpersons or others who voluntarily or by request submit separate evaluation reports at any time to the Provost shall not be members of the evaluation committee. The dean will not be a member of an evaluation committee. A unit may adopt procedures to use one central evaluation committee in applying the approved guidelines to more than one candidate.

Evaluation for Reappointment. An evaluation committee for reappointment should normally include at least the following voting members:

A peer (tenured, if possible) of the faculty member, preferably from within the faculty member's professional specialty area.

Another faculty member (tenured, if possible) from the evaluated faculty member's department, school or college or from the library.

A student of the faculty member if one is available, otherwise a student from the academic unit.

Evaluation for Promotion and/or Tenure. In addition to the members listed above for retention committee evaluations, an evaluation committee for promotion and/or tenure should normally also include a tenured faculty member from outside the department, school, library, or college of the faculty member being evaluated.