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7.6.4 Non-University and Concurrent Employment

Approved by Academic Council, Administration

The University generally permits full-time faculty members to engage in non-University professional activities, including private practice, consultation, and the like, up to a maximum of one day per week. (See 3.9 Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Commitment.) The University reserves the right to further limit regular and continuing outside employment on an individual basis if, in the judgment of the administration, it interferes with the faculty member's ability to fulfill University responsibilities. The dean of the school or college has the authority to annually review all such activities and to request that faculty members, in a timely manner, provide information requested by the dean about such non-University professional activities.

Concurrent teaching by full-time faculty at other academic institutions is discouraged and may be undertaken only with the written approval of both the dean of the school or college in which the faculty member holds an appointment and the Provost. A request for approval should be submitted to the dean prior to making a commitment to such teaching.