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8.7.5 Assignment upon Return to Work from Authorized Leave

Revised April 22, 2004; Revised June 2007

Normally the faculty member shall return to the position to which he or she was assigned prior to any authorized leave. An exception would result if the dean of the appropriate school or college, in the normal course of managing within the University, would have modified the position or assignment or if a reduction in staff were initiated. Any reassignment or position elimination shall take place in consultation with the Provost and deans and in accordance with the provisions of Section 7.16, if applicable.

Faculty members who have primary responsibility for a newborn child or a newly-adopted child under the age of five will have the option of returning to “active service/modified duties.” Under a system of modified duties, the faculty member will maintain full-time status (and associated salary and benefits) during the portion of the affected semester not covered by disability or the employee’s chosen unpaid FMLA or CFRA leave, while being released from classroom teaching responsibilities. While on modified duty, faculty will be expected to meet other professional obligations, such as committee work and advising, scholarship and professional development, and perhaps other teaching-related duties such as course development. The “active service/modified duties” period will be effective for one semester, and the eligibility period will extend from 3 months prior to 12 months following birth or placement of a child.