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9.1.1 Travel to Professional Meetings

Approved by Academic Council on February 14, 2002; Faculty on May 10, 2002; Administration on April 15, 2002

The University strongly encourages faculty to be active in professional circles. To this end, money to support travel to professional meetings is budgeted through the current fund and disbursed by the deans of the various schools and colleges or their designates.

Faculty may apply to their respective dean, or designate, for funding of professional travel. Approval will be based on policies established jointly by the dean and the appropriate school or college, and subject to availability of resources. Faculty should normally expect to be granted funding for travel to one meeting per year, with the understanding that preference will be given to faculty who are:

  1. presenting papers at the meeting;
  2. chairing a session or sessions;
  3. serving as a panelist or resource person.

It is understood that if travel funding is requested as part of a Scholarly Activity Grant or Teaching Incentive Award proposal, that the proposer will first request funds from the dean, and that any such funds obtained will be deducted from the amount requested in the proposal.