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9.2.1.a Scope

All scholarly and artistic activities are included within the scope of fundable activities. Some specific examples follow:

  1. Research Initiation - Funds are granted to develop a research capability to help the grantee obtain a larger grant from a source outside the University.
  2. Manuscript Preparation - The costs of typing, drawing figures, and duplicating a manuscript are usually paid. Page costs are generally not paid.

Examples of activities not normally funded by Scholarly/Artistic Activity Grants are:

  1. Tuition or other costs incurred in finishing a Master or Doctoral program.
  2. Acquisition of equipment which is used in departmental instruction programs.
  3. Any activity, the primary purpose of which is retraining or updating teaching skills. Such activities are funded through Teaching Incentive Awards.
  4. Travel costs to attend meetings to present research results are not funded, but travel costs to collect information or data for a research project may be paid.