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9.2.2.a Scope

The list below is not designed to be exclusive and any proposal sponsored by a faculty member or a group of faculty which can be interpreted within the framework of the general purposes of the Teaching Incentive Award guidelines will receive consideration. Faculty are encouraged to submit proposals which may include the following categories.

  1. Curricular development including:
    • Team-taught courses;
    • Interdisciplinary courses;
    • Combinations of liberal learning and career studies;
    • Curriculum planning within or between units;
    • New competencies in subject matter including work- shops and course work in other institutions, and self-study or research in new subject matter areas.
  2. The examination or application of both traditional and innovative instructional methodologies in teaching/learning settings, including:
    • Research designed to test the effectiveness of teaching,
    • Theoretical papers concerned with central issues in teaching/learning,
    • The incorporation of students in the teaching process or in instructional research projects.
  3. Implementation of faculty teaching exchanges within the institution or with other professional settings.
  4. Development of proposals for funding teaching/learning projects for submission to outside sources, including funds to supplement University sponsored projects and programs and new teaching or instructional research projects.