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9.3 Faculty Development Leaves for Faculty on the Stockton Campus

Approved by Academic Council on February 14, 2002; Faculty on May 10, 2002; Administration on April 15, 2002

The primary objective of this Faculty Development Leave Program (herein referred to as the Program) is to maintain and improve the quality of teaching and scholarship at the University of the Pacific. The Program is intended to have a direct impact on both.

Good teaching requires substantive scholarship and, in applied areas, experience based learning. It is in these tasks that the faculty member is expected to be primarily engaged while on leave. The scholarly endeavor of the faculty member may take the form of advanced research and lead to publication, but it must also contribute meaningfully to the quality of one’s teaching.

In addition, the Program is intended to assist faculty in preparing to meet changing curricular and institutional needs. This might mean taking the leave to develop a new area of teaching competence or to contribute to the development of a new curriculum or a new mode of teaching and learning. It is assumed that personal renewal, professional development, and the maintenance of institutional vitality are complementary processes and can be accomplished through careful planning and implementation of a Faculty Development Leave (herein referred to as a Leave).

9.3.1 Eligibility
9.3.2 Length of Leave and Remuneration
9.3.3 Scheduling of Leaves
9.3.4 Faculty Development Leave Proposals
9.3.5 Approval of Leave Proposals
9.3.6 Leave Reports, Evaluation and Dissemination
9.3.7 Staffing and Leaves