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9.3.5 Approval of Leave Proposals

The proposal must be submitted for approval by the Provost upon the recommendations of a faculty peer group and the dean of the school or college. Initial peer review is usually made by a department or a standing committee. Peer input is intended to stimulate the development of good proposals through collaborative discussion and encouragement.

Review of the Leave proposal should be based on at least the following criteria:

  1. Appropriateness of the rationale given for the goals and needs of the academic program of the school or college;
  2. Evidence of creative or scholarly work that will enhance both the teaching and professional status of the individual faculty member;
  3. Appropriateness of the proposed activities to meet the stated objectives of the Leave;
  4. If extensive travel is proposed, a rationale for the necessity of such travel in accomplishing the leave objectives;
  5. Clarity and practicality in the statement of the criteria by which the Leave is to be evaluated;
  6. Inclusion of plans for disseminating the results of the Leave, particularly among the faculty and students at the University.

Recommendations by the faculty peer group are made to the dean by the end of the fall semester. The dean forwards recommendations, along with a copy of the Leave proposal and the peer recommendations, to the Office of the Provost. A copy of the recommendations of both the peer group and the dean is sent to the faculty member when the dean’s recommendation is forwarded. The Provost notifies the faculty member regarding the approval or rejection of the Leave proposal normally by April 1.

Revision of a proposal after approval should be approved through the same review process used for the original leave proposal.