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9.3.6 Leave Reports, Evaluation and Dissemination

The criteria by which the Leave is to be assessed are to be stated in the proposal and agreed upon by the individual faculty member, the peer review group, and the dean as part of the approval process.

Within one year following the completion of the Leave, the returning faculty member shall submit a written report to the dean. The submission of a Leave report is required before a subsequent Leave can be approved. Such a report must include reconciliation with the Leave proposal. Within a semester following its submission, the report shall be responded to in writing by a representative of a peer review group and the dean.
Responses to the Leave report should address both the strengths and weaknesses of the Leave activities and should describe the potential benefits of the Leave for the individual, the department or program, and the school or college.

Copies of the proposal, Leave report, and the responses shall become part of the permanent record of a faculty member in the personnel files in the Office of the Provost. The Leave reports are to be made accessible to all faculty.

The evaluation of a Leave, its results and the faculty member’s dissemination of those results shall become part of the regular periodic evaluation of each faculty member.