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9.6.4 Policy on Integrity in Research and Scholarship

Approved by Faculty Research Committee on November 15, 1990; Academic Council on December 13, 1990; Revised by Faculty Research Committee on September 14, 1998; Academic Council on October 8, 1998

Every member of the University community on any of the three campuses is responsible for maintaining integrity in scholarship and investigative research. Specifically, faculty, staff, and students who conduct or are employed in research are subject to this policy. Faculty and staff who are identified as principal investigators are held responsible for the integrity of their research results and for supervising the scientific and scholarly conduct of colleagues, staff and students engaged in their projects. Publications which embody research results should list only those authors who have contributed to the research, who have reviewed the findings and manuscripts, and who are prepared to stand behind and defend their contributions.

The University of the Pacific is committed to maintaining the integrity of its scholarship and investigative research and to fostering a climate conducive to integrity in its scientific investigations. One feature of this commitment is the establishment of policies and procedures for responding to allegations of scientific and/or scholarly misconduct which will apply to all members of the University community. This policy does not supplant, but does reinforce existing University policies relating to the codes of conduct and discipline for faculty, students and staff of the University. The procedures outlined in this policy relate to the investigation and findings for establishing whether or not scientific and or scholarly misconduct has occurred. Appropriate sanction, discipline, corrective action or other University response following a finding of misconduct shall follow normal faculty, administrative and student personnel procedures.

A complete statement of this policy and procedures may be obtained from the Research and Graduate Studies office.