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April 10, 2014

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm

Call to Order @ 3:02

Business: J. Post (p), S. Walchli (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), B. Phillips (a)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Burmeister (p), C. Dobbs (a), B. Herrin (a), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (a), M. Normand (p), A. Smith (p), C. Snell (p), B. Swagerty (p), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: F. Fendler (a), A. Nattestad (p), R. White (a)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (a), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (a)
Engineering: D. Cliburn (p), L. Lee (p)
Law: L. Carter (a), F. Galves (a), W. Jones (a)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
PHS: L. Boles (a), S. Carr-Lopez (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (p), C. Wilson (p)
SIS: D. O'Neill (p)
ASUOP: S. Medina (a), tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (a), M. Pallavicini (p), D. Neault (p), J. Ren (p)
Observers: B. Gundersen (a), J. Lohr (p)
Guests: P. Cavanaugh, A. Lenzi, J. Lewis, G. Lin-Cereghino, P. Meckley, C. Schroeder, L. Tromovitch

I. Consent Agenda
A. March 20, 2014 Minutes

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report - Marlin Bates
One new business item: Emeriti nomination submitted for Craig Hawbaker. Thanks to the provost for her assistance in obtaining this nomination in time for recognition at commencement.
R. Imhof moves to approve, S. Carr-Lopez seconds, unanimously approved.

The executive board is doing its best to make sure that everyone is informed and information is made available to Pacific faculty to allow you to make decisions for your unit and for Pacific as a whole to move forward.

This is a time of change and change is difficult. Everyone needs to get involved. There will be an April 17th executive session meeting. The chair encourages everyone to continue sending him emails regarding the meeting next week. Every voting faculty member should have received an email about this meeting. The response so far has been encouraging. We have a model of shared governance and can be involved in all decisions at the university.

B. President's Report - Pam Eibeck
No report - the President is away on University business.

C. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Two excellent CTL Director candidates visited campus and the search committee should be making their recommendation today. She will be offering the position to one of these candidates and hopes that they begin in early summer. Candidates for The Vice Provost for Distributed Learning position will be on campus during the last two weeks of April. She is pleased with the candidates. The same search firm was used for both of these positions.

APA recommendations were released and the comment period was utilized by faculty. Marlin has asked for the redlined version of the changes made as a result of the comments/feedback. The provost is willing to share this information. A provost newsletter will be released tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all faculty for your involvement in this process.

III. Discussion on Reports
IPS: GeYao, IPS Director, is leaving the university and an ad has been placed for his replacement. His last day is June 30th. The provost has been looking at restructuring IPS for some time now. And there was additional information brought forward in the administrative reports that came out last summer. The recommendation was to reorganize. This unit was heavy on staffing based on comparisons with other institutions of similar size and student numbers. IPS will downsize from 5 to 3.5 fte's. A director will be hired first and then a person to work with the study abroad program (students and faculty). A compliance person will also be needed. There have been customer service issues in this unit.

Bhaskar Jasti will continue as interim dean of graduate studies and sponsored programs for a couple of years. Next fall this unit's composition will be discussed. Undergraduate Research (L. Fox) will be moved into the research office.

Carol Brodie has accepted a position at UNLV. This position will be internally posted. Carol will stay on through end of June as a consultant.

IV. Action Items
A. FHB Revision 10.6.1 Order of Pacific
This is a minor change to allow for posthumous awards and also provides clarity on the awarding practice of this award.

H. Arnold moves to approve, A. Smith seconds, motion passes unanimously.

B. FHB Revision 6.4.4 University Facilities Committee - P. Meckley-Archuleta
Priscilla is the convener and chair of this committee. She has distributed a flow chart of the Capital Project Process and a list of the primary reasons for the proposed changes to this committee.

The UFC is not mentioned in the flow chart because it is an advisory committee only. The Academic Council wants this to be mentioned in the flow chart even though it is only in an advisory capacity. This would ensure communication between the committee and staff. Priscilla believes that she can add this to the ‘notes' section and explain the involvement of the committee in the process.

Academic Council agrees and trusts Priscilla to make these changes to the flowchart. She will forward the change, once made, to the Faculty Governance Office.

R. Imhof moves to approve, B. Swagerty seconds, motion passes with 2 abstentions.

C. Academic Council Election - 20 members present.
Bill Swagerty stated that he nominated Wade Russu, PHS for the University Compensation Committee and he agreed to run, and that he did not nominate himself. Bill stated that he was nominated and declined the nomination. Wade Russu is a member of the Faculty Compensation Committee and they would like to have two members on the UCC.

This correction was made and the information was also sent to remote attendees.
Ballots were distributed and collected.

D. Faculty Members for search committee for Asst. Provost for Diversity
Lou Matz is asking for faculty members to serve on this search committee. Names
forwarded at the meeting:
Robin Imhof, LIB - self-nominated
Cathy Peterson, PHS
Delores McNair, EDU

H. Arnold moves to approve, S. Carr-Lopez seconds. Motion passes.

V. Information Items
A. Pacific Health & Welfare Benefits - Pat Cavanaugh and Jane Lewis
Members of faculty are aware that there are going to be increases in the costs of the healthplans that the university offers to employees. Pat and Jane are here to provide AC with information as to how and why these changes are happening. They have distributed a chart with an analysis of the rates from FY10 through FY14. Blue Cross POS and HMO have double digit increases and Kaiser has decreased.

The university has been working toward making the employer's contribution equitable per type of plan versus an equal percentage per plan type. This is inequitable due to the large differences in premiums for the three offered plans. Due to the high expense of the POS plan, the number of employees selecting this plan is decreasing.

The 2015 projected rates (not final) are at 22% increase from the prior year. It is going to be significant. This is due to the uncertainties regarding the Affordable Health Care Act. The new health care plans from this Act are increases in deductibles to keep the premiums lower. Pat's recommendation is to stay away from these types of plans or educate employees about the need to save since they will have to pay the deductibles before the insurance is applied.

If Pacific chooses the route of high deductible plans, we will not be allowed to continue to offer the POS plan and the current enrollees will be frozen, with a two year phase out plan. Pat and Jane did not bring information regarding the actual number of employees enrolled in each type of plan.

B. Summer School Compensation - Geoff Lin-Cereghino
The chair of the Faculty Compensation Committee, Geoff Lin-Cereghino, is presenting the FCC's Concerns about summer sessions compensation policies. No changes are being made to the program this summer. The program will be evaluated and recommendations will be made by the end of next fall so that faculty can have the information and plan their schedules for the summer.

Discussion: What happens to the profit from summer school? 40% to provost office, 60% to the university. Will the money be going back to the unit? The dean's want to do this, but it needs to be discussed and evaluated. Some Dean's want the responsibility for summer school and others do not. There are other costs associated with the responsibility, such as marketing and registration.

C. Graduate School discussion - postponed since nothing is changing right now, it will be evaluated over the next two years.

D. FRC/CAPD/TEC Changes discussion -
The provost is recommending combining these committees. Marlin is requesting that we all read all of the recommendations carefully, and provide feedback and comments to the provost. There is a comment period and faculty should take advantage of this opportunity.

E. FooF/Realignment Update - Planning for 4/17/14 Meeting
The venue has changed for this meeting from DUC 211A/B to the President's Room in Anderson Hall from 3-5 pm, due to higher anticipated participation. The executive session is for voting members of Academic Council and their invited guests. If you have received an email inviting you to this meeting, you are welcome to attend. Please inform colleagues.

Discussion on the plan the meeting for next week: the goal is to have a good informed discussion of the changes across the university, what our concerns are, and how we would like our concerns addressed. He does not want the meeting to devolve into unproductive discussion/comments.

The email from Dean Lewis Gale is on behalf of the Council of Deans in response to an email from Marlin regarding budget cuts. Maria is working with the Deans to get us the information that was asked for in the memo. The rationale for asking for this information is to reduce the amount of misinformation. The provost is acting as a liaison.

The Budget handout is what is going to be presented to the Board of Regents. These are the budget cuts that are going to be used to fund the strategic investment fund. It breaks down per school and includes the library and Brubeck: the base budget for reallocation, the retiring faculty, staff layoffs full-time and part-time, the vacant positions that will be cut to contribute to the SIF. The next section has the actual dollar amounts each school is contributing to the reallocation and the % of the base budget. For the most part the schools are contributing 6% of their base budget, with PHS contributing 4 % because of the resources they bring to the university. Overall the academic units were to contribute 6%. The difference came from the Provost's Office, with a contribution of 11% (making up for smaller units, such as SIS and the library). The last column is the FY 2016 contribution amounts. The retirement incentives $$ is accounted for in FY 15. The deans have time to make additional cuts over a period of time. Below the table total number are the total number of FTE's - 20. The Dental school is not shown as they have an extra year to contribute to the SIF due to their move.

This is the information Academic Council has regarding the budget cuts. A question was raised about the varying percentages in the Operations Reallocation column. This might be base funds where they have other sources to cover their operations such as soft money, or reorganizing.

Tentative plan for next week's meeting: Allocate 15 minutes per unit for faculty to voice concerns/adulations, chance for other units to comment. COP will get 30 minutes, then 30 minutes of discussion of everything that was heard and then time to word a response to the provost and the president.

The purpose is to get information available at the meeting and how we want the meeting structured. The time needs to be readjusted as this makes it three hours and we only have two. Changing time allocation per unit to 10 minutes and 30 for COP.

The breakdown for comments should be: Suggestions, Concerns, Questions for the Provost.

Members should have their constituencies come prepared to voice their issues as stated above. Priority to reductions/eliminations or the most problematic being reorganization.

Questions can be forwarded to Marlin prior to the meeting.

A guest asked to ensure that we ask the Dean's for their recommendations for Academic Administrative programs as well as Academic programs.

VI. What's On Your Mind?
Question asked if tenure tied to a unit? Council believes tenure is tied to the University.

Meeting adjourned @ 5:12 pm