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April 11, 2002

University of the Pacific – Stockton Campus
Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of April 11, 2002

T. Brierton (p), N. Perry (a)
Conservatory: D. Brock (a), J. DeHaan (a), N. Waldvogel (p)
COP: B. Beal (p), B. Cox (p), M. Kelly (p), C. Kramer (a), C. Ostberg (p), M. Sharp (p), L. Spreer (a), D. Tedards (a), W. Zimmermann (p)
Dental: D. Castagna (a), R. Cohan (a), J. Cohen (a), J. Levy (a)
Education: M. Draheim (a), P. Hensley (a)
Emeriti: G. Blum (p)
Engineering: D. Besch (a), G. Litton (a)
Law: W. Jones (p), C. Manolakas (a), G. Scully (p)
Library: R. Ray (p), T. Calvo (p)
Pharmacy: R. Abood (a), D. Fries (p), S. Smith (p)
SIS: S. Pasztor (a)
Students: A. Hudson (p), J. Farrell (a)
Ex-Officio: S. Blalock (a), J. Boelter (a), R. Brittin (a), R. Childs (p), A. Freedman (a), P. Gilbertson (p), B. Gundersen (a), K. Hughes (a), L. Knight (a), T. Kulisch (a), J. Livesey (a), J. Mansoor (a), F. Muskal (a), D. Parker (a), G. Pearson (a), S. Scully (a), C. Smith (a), D. Smith (a), L. Webster (a), B. Weick (a), B. West (a)
Guests: Chris Snell, Roland di Franco, Jim Hetrick, Ken Day, Shawn Batt, Qingwen Dong

Chair Ron Ray called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes

Motion: Glendalee Scully moved, Dave Fries seconded to approve the minutes of March 21, 2002. Motion unanimously approved.

2. Chair’s Report

Chair Ray informed Council of the following agenda changes: 1) Item number 10 (b) on the agenda has been removed for further review in the Academic Affairs Committee; 2) Between item numbers 8 and 9, Chapter 2, Section 2.3 was added; 3) The IPC report will be part of the Provost’s Report; and 4) What’s on your mind will also be added as item number 4. Chair Ray mentioned that he received a memo from the Genders Studies Committee asking that the equity study be revisited. Chair Ray reminded Council of the April 25th meeting, which will include a ballot to elect officers. Units are still finishing their elections and we are waiting for the results. Chair Ray informed Council that Human Resources has asked for 2 to 4 faculty volunteers to assist with handing out awards and ushering at the May 1st University Awards program. Let him know if you are interested. Chair Ray reported that at the Regents meeting last week in Sacramento, the Regents Academic Affairs Committee approved in principle the Draft Faculty Handbook and it will be an action item at the June meeting. Council questioned if the Regents can change the wording and if the Regents need to approve changes the faculty and administration make. Provost Gilbertson stated that a sub-committee of the Board reviewed the full document with legal council. Regent Philibosian will present to the full Board with Ron Ray and himself present. The Board will endorse the enterprise of shared governance so only changes that involve the Board will return for their approval.

3. Provost Report / IPC Report

Provost Gilbertson reported that the Board of Regents approved a $25 Million bond issue for ongoing facilities projects and budget for coming year. The Board will be changing leadership in June when Chair Monagan steps down due to health issues. Chair Monagan will still be a member of the Board. Provost Gilbertson passed out a memo he sent out today to the members of the Pacific Gay Straight Alliance. They do not know who was behind the alleged criminal behavior and the theft of the flag. Vice President Julie Sina read this memo at the rally and he will meet with students tomorrow. Provost Gilbertson encouraged Council to help students with fundamental values and support inclusiveness. The University just received high marks from the United Methodist team that just completed their site visit, which included an emphasis on the way the University handled inclusiveness.

IPC Report – Provost Gilbertson reported that in the meeting today they dealt with the SunRay project due to the important deadline they are facing. Professor Stark and Professor Hetrick developed a report for IPC review. The profile is that the project is currently part of the ongoing budget of OISR and CIO Frederick said in order to succeed we must provide staff support and keep within the same budget. Smaller, newer servers and funding of a staff person was approved to support the project. CIO Frederick completed a budge analysis of going to a PC based system and it was more expensive. Currently 80 students in the resident halls are benefiting from SunRay machines. Approximately 500 machines would be the maximum for the campus and the other 200 machines will be sold. The University will lease new servers at the new cost and will continue with the same budget for three years. Provost Gilbertson also stated that IPC reviewed the senior survey for the first time and facilities projects that are currently underway including biology, computer and HR center and Baun fitness center.

4. What’s on your mind?

Council requested an update on the status of the Registrar search. Provost Gilbertson will inquire and report back to Council.

Associate Professor Cindy Ostberg commended the Provost on his memo to the Pacific Gay Straight Alliance members and updated Council on the details of the crime. Associate Professor Ostberg then read a clipping from the April 11 issues of the Stockton Record and stated that the dismissal of the hate crime as a prank by the spokesperson for the University is dismissive and unacceptable. Associate Professor Ostberg requested that the University make a revision to the statement and specify that the University will not tolerate this type of crime. The University is an inclusive group and if we are to build leaders we should take a stand on this. The request was made for the Provost or President write an editorial for the paper as the University statement to send a message to the community in large that we will not tolerate this behavior. Council noted that the well-attended rally would be on the evening news. Associate Professor Ostberg accepted that the Provost would discuss this with the President. Motion: Cindy Ostberg moved, Marisa Kelly seconded to adopt the following resolution to be distributed to the Assistant Vice President of Marketing and University Relations, Russ Wylie; The Pacifican; and the Presidents of the Pacific Gay Straight Alliance, Jessica Wilson, Janelle Hodson and Marco Alarcon.

The Academic Council of the University of the Pacific strongly condemns the recent desecration of the Gay Straight Alliance flag and the vandalizing of the Engineering Rock. Echoing the words of the Provost, we are “profoundly disappointed at the acts of hatred and disrespect that have been expressed during this celebration week so important for our community.”

We believe that tolerance, inclusiveness, and a unified community are core values of the University of the Pacific. We stand together against intolerance and hatred that grow from ignorance and fear. We value the contribution of the Gay Straight Alliance to increasing tolerance and mutual respect in our community.

Resolution was adopted with one abstention.

Associate Professor Mike Sharp inquired about the quality of campus security. Several of his students have confided their fears of walking home alone after dark because of what has been happening on campus. The students mentioned that strange people would show up in the dorms. Provost Gilbertson stated that the student government has made this an important issue and have done several walk-arounds of the campus. From these walk-arounds, progress is being made with the addition of outdoor lighting. Provost Gilbertson encouraged Council to communicate to their students that Public Safety is now under the Student Life Division and reports directly to Vice President Julie Sina. Students should report any incident to their resident hall manager and go up from there. Part of teaching students how to function as citizens is helping them understand the chain of command. Provost Gilbertson stated that he expects Public Safety to be more responsive on student issues since they now report to Student Life.

5. Ad Hoc Faculty Compensation Committee Update, Chris Snell, Chair

Chair Snell informed Council of the background of the committee in hopes to allay fears of workload increases. Since faculty salary was a big issue during his term as Academic Council Chair, the President and Provost asked him to chair a taskforce for the second round to cover all compensation issues. In consultation with the Academic Council Executive Board, the taskforce was formed based on expertise and a broad range of abilities. The taskforce was formed knowing that it would be overseen by the Faculty Compensation Committee, which is overseen by the Academic Council. Rank and discipline were not included in the first round which was more unit based. A survey of every faculty member was done in spring 2001 and the analysis was completed that summer. 300 surveys were sent out and 100 were returned. Key issues were salary, cost of living increases and merit increases. These issues reinforced the focus of the taskforce. The role of the taskforce is to come up with salary goals and the framework of how these goals are to be met. Comparison numbers included Western Regional colleges and university excluding research ones and Tier two universities and colleges at the private level and tier two all university and colleges. CUPA is doing the customized reports by percentage ranges to assist with developing goals for round two. When the framework is in place, it will be sent to the faculty for suggestions. Both faculty and administration should be prepared to look closely at their efficiency and evaluate it. No decision will be made without full input from faculty and Academic Council. Council asked Chair Snell if the taskforce looked at the percent of budget being spent on the academic side. Chair Snell stated that it is one of his responsibilities to gather that information and that a couple of years ago Pat Cavanaugh stated that the money was being used to enhance faculty salary, and he will “hold his feet to the fire”. Provost Gilbertson stated that he is eager to have Chris move on this project if we were to propose a plan by November for IPC to recommend to the President for special initiative.

6. Information Technology Policies

Motion: Marisa Kelly moved, Simalee Smith-Stubblefield seconded to approve the Information Technology Policies Version 6.0. Motion unanimously approved.

7. 2002 Emeriti Faculty

Motion: Becky Beal moved, Simalee Smith-Stubblefield seconded to concur with the approval of the 2002 Emeriti Faculty nominations. Motion unanimously approved.

8. Faculty Handbook, Chapter 6, Section 6.1

Due to time constraints this will appear on the April 25, 2002 agenda as a discussion/action item.

8.5. Faculty Handbook, Chapter 2, Section 2.3

Chair Ray informed Council that this item was added to the agenda because this section will be distributed for an all faculty vote. Motion: Bob Cox moved, Becky Beal seconded to approve the addition to Chapter 2, Section 2.3 of the Draft Faculty Handbook. Friendly amendment was suggested to further revise the third sentence of paragraph 3 by adding, “Consistent with the University policies statement on governance as approved by the Regents, …” at the beginning of the sentence. Motion unanimously approved with friendly amendment.

9. Faculty Handbook, Chapter 12

Chair Ray stated that this will be an action item on the April 25th agenda and asked Council to identify issues they would like the Research and Graduate Studies Committee to further review or revise. Council noted the following 1) the formatting problem in section 12.8.1, 12.10 and 12.11 that Denia Andersen will correct; 2) under 12.10 Leaves of Absence, medical should be included. Chair Ray informed Council that section 12.17 was reviewed in the December, 2001 meeting and was sent back for further review to incorporate a student on the panel and an appeal process.

10. Program Reviews

a) Communication – Roy Childs, Academic Affairs Committee Chair, stated that the self-study done by the communication department is a strikingly complete job. Chair Childs then discussed the three goal areas and reviewed the four recommendations including the need for a full-time specialty faculty member to fill the current gap that part-time faculty are covering. Motion: Becky Beal moved, Bob Cox seconded to accept and endorse Academic Affairs Program Review recommendations for the Department of Communications. Discussion followed regarding the academic rigor of the Communications department in connection with grades. Chair Childs stated that this topic did not come up in discussions with students and is not something that Academic Affairs generally reviews. Council stated that a GPA comparison was included in the Chemistry and Math reviews. Council requested that Chair Childs include this topic in the subcommittee being formed to streamline the second cycle of program review to be more tailored to each department. Motion unanimously approved.

b) History – the Academic Affairs Committee requested more time to review and asked that this program review be removed from the agenda.

c) Physics – Chair Childs reviewed recommendations, which included the hiring of an additional faculty member to help with the heavy teaching load per student. Another area of improvement should be counting majors to give credit and understanding of workload. The enrollment chart this section is 80 students with the upper division ranging from 3 to 15. The department would like to see this split but that would mean another faculty member to teach. Labs are the challenge with 80 students allowed into 76 spaces and relying on student assistants who have taken the class before. The student assistant cannot run the lab but they do allow the faculty to focus on groups. The number of student assistants varies from year to year. Chair Childs also reported that this department has received grant support to improve the teaching of high school teachers and when this funding is increased then the curriculum funding should also be increased. Motion: Dave Fries moved, Marisa Kelly seconded to accept and endorse Academic Affairs Program Review recommendations for the Department of Physics. Motion unanimously approved.

11. Other Business

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denia Andersen, Academic Council Secretary