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April 11, 2013

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00 - 5:00 PM


Business: W. Ouyang (p), S. Wheeler (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), B. Phillips (a)
College: M. Bates (p), C. Goff (p), B. Herrin (a), J. Juge (p), C. Lehmann (a), J. Lu (p), L. Rademacher (p), A. Smith (p), C. Snell (p), B. Swagerty (p), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: J. Miles (a), A. Nattestad (a), R. White (a)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (a), L. Webster (a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C. Lee (p), D. Cliburn (p)
Law: L. Carter (p), F. Galves (p), W. Jones (p)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
PHS: L. Boles (p), S. Carr-Lopez (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (p), C. Wilson (p)
SIS: A. Kanna (p)
ASUOP: K. Dantzler (a), tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), B. Gundersen (a), D. Neault (p)

Call to Order @ 3:00 pm
I. Approval of Consent Agenda
A. March 21, 2013 Minutes
B. Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) Faculty Nominations:
Cindy Lyon (DEN), Cynthia Eakin (BUS)
C. Selection Committee for the Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL): Luke Lee (ENG), Paul Turpin (COP/Communication)
D. Academic Affairs - New Academic Program Proposal Guidelines
E. Emeriti Nominations Academic Year:  2012-2013
F. FHB Revision 8.14.2 University Services of Benefit to Emeriti

M. Bates removed item I.C. from the consent agenda, second by R. Imhof, all other consent agenda items are approved.

M. Bates moves to add Jeff Wood, DEN to also serve on the selection committee for the CTL Director (item C) and approve all three names, C. Snell seconded, unanimous approval.

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report - Harriett Arnold
i. Meeting with Academic Affairs Sub-Committee of the Board of Regents March 28 - Several members of Academic Council (AC) attended this meeting with three members of the board of regents (Callahan, Lagorio, Philobosian). The draft document is in today's packet. Discussion on the meeting and the role of the Regents. The Provost's office will now be providing more reports to the Board.
ii. President's Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting: March 2013 - key areas of discussion were the focusing on our future memo and the IPC recommendations.
iii. New Faculty Development Activities for spring 2013 - the final meeting with be a dinner and panel discussion with members from the Promotions & Tenure Committee. Chris asked for volunteers to attend the dinner from AC who have recently received tenure. Jimmy Juge, Feilin Hsiao and Dan Cliburn will be invited to attend.
iv. Academic Committee Chair Mixer: April 17, 2013, CTL 4:00 pm - This is for all current chairs and chair-elects of committees, as well as former chairpersons of Academic Council.
v. Harriett announced a reception and lecture by COP Dean Rena Fraden coming up on April 25th, handout distributed.
vi. The past-chairperson (Chris Goff) is responsible for the election of the chair-elect for 2013-2014. We received 15 nominations from the Call for Nominations but all have declined. Please consider running for this position and let Chris know if you are interested.

B. President's Report - Pam Eibeck
She had a positive meeting at McGeorge with the ABA accreditation team. Issues that currently face the law schools (low enrollment), may also affect other programs. The university is being proactive with the reallocation. Our strategic plan will guide this process. We are committed to student success, especially undergraduates. It's time to leverage our three campuses, evening programs and distance learning. She enjoyed meeting with faculty and staff in the schools and the college, and she had town hall today, she met with McGeorge and will be going to Dugoni soon. The key to the prioritization process, is to have each group engage in tough conversations. Where should we focus our energies for our future? How do we change, yet stay "Pacific?" this is the key question. Students experience a personalized experience with faculty dedicated to their learning and have a wide variety of majors. We have a commitment to educating the whole student. Is the high price of this education, worth it? Tuition next year is just under $40K. We have to prove that Pacific is worth the price. Next year the new dental school will be opening, we have a strong academic freshman class, we will begin stewarding $100 million endowment, and establish a campaign next year.

C. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Enrollment is looking great - 3200 students and families at profile day and are 80 students above where we were last year. Thanks to everyone who interacted that day. We are trying to get to 900 students. There have been changes in financial aid, getting packages out to students two weeks earlier than in prior years. They are also planning on getting continuing student aid out two-three weeks earlier than in prior years. Graduate student numbers are also up, due to the new Accounting Programs. Personnel issues: Our VP for Enrollment Management, Rob Alexander has moved on to Millsaps College, where he will have more responsibility and visibility. We have hired the same search firm used for the Dean of the College. A Request For Proposal was sent out and the same firm had the the most experience and a reasonable price. Tim Nacaratto, from the law school is filling in now. We are hoping to have the replacement in by the end of August. Library Dean Brigid Welch is chairing the joint search committee for the CTL Director. We have a strong pool of candidates. Paul Paton's last day in the Provost's Office is May 17th. The Brubeck Jazz Festival was outstanding this year. Wynton Marsalis was superb. There was lots of visibility for the University. The administration of the Brubeck Institute has been transferred from the Conservatory to the Provost's Office. The Global Center for Social Entrepreneurship was in the Provost's Office and is now being moved to Student Life. This has been approved by the VP of Student Life and Jerry Hildebrand. The ABA Accreditation visit to the law school and the opening of the new courtroom was attended by the regents. Research Day this year was held in the School of Education and it was large, with many presenters, excellent research, and good conversation. A larger space will be needed next year. This is a good opportunity for faculty to share their scholarship. Vice Provost Paton has completed various reports: CPCE strategies, efficiencies, summer school, adult education, and budgets; ESL we are not doing as well as our peers with international students - the report will propose new pedagogies/strategies for retention and academic performance using benchmarking from our peers; Academic and Career Advising Report - make recommendations for an integrated and coordinated approach. International Program Services Offices regarding strategic plan strategies and comparisons with peers. These reports will be posted in the fall.

III. Action Items
A. FHB Revision 12.3 Course Syllabus
M. Bates moves to table as the graduate studies committee is not ready to present, second by C. Wilson, item tabled.

B. Joint Academic and Staff Ombudsperson Resolution
Members of the Staff Advisory Council met with the AC Executive Board and shared the summer hours survey at the AC March meeting. Staff concerns emerged from this survey/ report: a need for an ombudsperson for faculty and staff has been identified. A joint resolution by Staff Advisory Council and the Academic Council is being proposed for the creation of this position.

A question was raised about Sheila O'Rourke. Is she working in this position? She comes on an as-needed basis, paid by the Provost's office. She works with faculty, not working with staff and is not available to work with staff.

M. Bates moves to accept the resolution, R. Imhof seconded, motion passes with one abstention.

C. Benerd School of Education PhD Educational Psychology Program - Disestablishment
The Provost presented an overview: She received a letter from Dean Beck in September, stating that the faculty was recommending the disestablishment of this program due to lack of enrollment. It was originally intended to build on the Master's program and faculty wanted full-time doctoral students. Students went to research universities, and our Master's students were lost due to their part-time status, so there weren't sufficient full-time PhD students. A committee was established with members selected by Council, the faculty vote was unanimous. This proposal comes from dean/faculty, and the committee agrees with the recommendation to disestablish. There was discussion on whether any faculty members would lose their positions as a result of this proposal. It was determined that this is not the case.

Motion to approve by C. Goff, second by W. Jones, motion passes.

IV. Information Items
A. SPC Guidelines for Prioritization of Programs
The President received this memo from the Strategic Planning Committee, per her direction to develop a process that involves broad engagement in looking at the prioritization of academic programs. The provost is the chairperson of this committee. This process was developed by the SPC with a lot of discussion, and with review of the Dickeson book on the prioritization of academic programs. This book is being used widely in higher education, and the committee reviewed the criteria from Pacific's point of view (our priorities and values). They modified the language and reduced the number of criteria from 10 to 9. A rubric was created with a score of 3, 5 or 9, metrics were developed and then the process. The SPC is asking for feedback on this document. Does this criteria capture what we need to know about programs? Are the metrics reasonable? Are all these criteria equally weighted? Student-life (Joanna Royce-Davis) was included at the end of the process to ensure completeness. The first task was to define a program: academic, co-curricular, administrative. Academic is something for which you get educational credit; Co-curricular is where students are involved in an activity or event; Administrative is transactional. These programs are being identified by looking at index codes where money is associated with a program. A full program list is expected on May 1. It will go to the cabinet and the dean's for review. All academic and co-curricular programs will be identified and then all others will be categorized as administrative. This will be used to identify key issues, and to determine if the program should be maintained, enhanced, reduced, eliminated or consolidated. This report will inform but not dictate reallocation decisions. The individual programs will be asked to review their programs based on the SPC developed criteria. Dickeson recommends a committee, but the SPC determined this was too much work for a committee and it will be done at the unit/school level. They recommend that each school have a small committee of evaluators/raters. They will bring in two professional raters to work with committees for consistent ratings. The scores will go back to SPC. SPC will ensure consistency, results back to deans to work with faculty to make recommendations. Then forward to the Provost who will share with the Cabinet and the President. There will be multiple opportunities for input at various levels. It will be unit level involvement, with opportunities for recommendations with deans and faculty. It is important to determine our highest priority programs and we cannot continue to raise tuition to pay for all of our programs. This process will go through fall, once all data is provided.
Issues raised at the meeting:
- Program review is a separate process.
- Program review data is needed for this process and some units do not have the data available.
- All programs will be provided the date necessary to evaluate their program from Institutional Research.
- Identify the role of AC - to comment formally on the outcomes.
- SPC is a joint committee that reports to the President and AC? Does AC need to approve the decisions made by SPC?
- Need more clarity on weight of strategic plan.
- Criteria on community? Left out? In criterion 1.
- Concern about rating teams, membership elected by faculty or appointed by dean and how the school decides.
- External raters - they do exist.
- Timeline concerns because this is supposed to be completed by April 2014.
- Executive Board wants to see the list before the May 1 date.

Regarding three campus efficiencies and programs: they are putting together a group in May to look at this issue (administrative 3 campus activities) over the summer.

Co-curricular - Cabinet is looking at 2 categories
Co-curricular and Academic
Co-curricular and Administrative

Urged to look at the criteria because they are incomplete. Need input by April 22nd.

B. Strategic Planning Committee Faculty Membership
M. Bates moves to table, C. Goff seconds, issue tabled.

C. Board of Regents Academic/Student Affairs Committee Charter (Draft)
This issue was already discussed during the chairperson's report.

D. Academic Council Elections 2013 Update
Marlin has sent out emails regarding the Call for Nominations and he needs responses from faculty to prepare the slate of nominees. We especially need to find candidates for the Academic Council chair-elect position. The PACS I Committee has asked for a representative from a professional school. Please submit names to Harriett, Chris or Marlin if interested in serving on this committee.

V. What's On Your Mind?
Issues tabled for May from this meeting are items III.A and IV.B

At our next and final meeting, Pat Cavanaugh will attend to discuss bookstore issues:
- Books are not ordered in sufficient quantity.
- Books are delivered too late
- When inquiries are made, they don't provide accurate information.
- Books are ordered six months in advance and they still don't have their needs met.
- These units have to copy books at the beginning of the semester
- The cost of books to students is excessive and many students prefer electronic versions
- Would like to review data on what is ordered, how many arrive on time and what percentage requested is actually ordered.
- The bookstore has ordered a different edition than what was requested, without checking with faculty.

Problems with lack of support for Sakai since Nathan Findley left Pacific.

Homecoming weekend is back - campus-wide October 18-20. Please contact the Alumni Association if your unit would like to participate. Our alumni don't realize that they have a responsibility to Pacific. Faculty need to develop a relationship with alumni.

Emeriti society - The Bridge to Asia Project - journals, lecture notes, scholarly books and textbooks are sent to a warehouse in China where professors can obtain the information. The notice will be forthcoming in two weeks.

The average senior class gift has only been $3,000 and this year there is a challenge to reach $10,000 and if this is accomplished, the president has agreed to be in a potato sack race across the lawn in front of the DUC.

Adjournment @ 4:51 pm.