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April 12, 2001

Meeting Summary
April 12, 2001

1. Executive Session

2. The minutes of the March 8, 2001 meeting were approved.

3. Chair's Report: Chair Marisa Kelly thank Dean Phil Oppenheimer for annually inviting the Council to meet at the Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and also thanked the Dean for the quality of the refreshments provided for the Council members. Chair Kelly reminded the Council that an extra meeting has been set for Thursday, April 26 from 3-6pm to consider revisions to the Handbook. In addition the May meeting has been scheduled for May 10, 2001 from 3 to 6pm. Chair Kelly called attention to a Memorandum from Robert Calaway, Director of Public Safety, concerning draft revised parking permit areas which will be implemented at the start of the 2001 academic year. Chair Kelly reminded members that they should contact Deborah Kallman if they have any questions concerning deadlines for budget closing this fiscal year. Finally, Chair Kelly reported on the Regent's Retreat on the future of the University which she attended. Chair Kelly was "very pleased with the retreat" and felt that all the participants were "on the same page" regarding University priorities. The Board will finalize the priorities at the June Board meeting.

4. Provost's Report: The Provost relinquished his time due to the length of the agenda

5. IPC Report: Professor David Brock reported that IPC was responding to suggestions from the Regents concerning the revised MVP statements. He reported that IPC has been addressing the impact of program review decisions, energy cost issues and the impacts of downsizing student enrollment at the McGeorge School of Law.

6. Program Review:

A. Biological Sciences: Professor Newman Peery (Eberhardt School of Business), Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, presented the recommendations from Academic Affairs concerning the review panel's report on the Department of Biological Sciences. The recommendations included: two additional faculty positions, facility upgrades and budget support. Professor Curt Kramer (COP - Geosciences), Panel Chair,indicated that the panel and department supported the recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee. The Council accepted the report without modification.

A discussion followed highlighting the need for program review recommendations to be prioritized. The Provost indicated that the Council might take an active role in the prioritization process. Members suggested that members of IPC are in the best position to make such decisions because they have access to all budget information. Chair Peery indicated that Academic Affairs made recommendations more on the pedagogical aspects of a program rather than economic aspects. He felt that it was the role of IPC to "protect the University from Academic Affairs." Professor Fletcher (School of Engineering) indicated that the Department of Biological Sciences is central to the University Mission and Vision and that the recommendations should be given high priority.

C. McGeorge School of Law: Academic Affairs Committee Chair Peery commended the review panel for their efforts and there several trips to Sacramento to gather input from students and faculty. He reviewed the recommendations of the panel that had been endorsed by the Academic Affairs Committee. They included: continuing efforts to raise the bar passage rate; increasing selectivity of admissions; increasing distinctiveness as evidenced by the new degree and certificate programs that were approved by Council at the March meeting; enhancement in the development office; more efficient marketing; continuing the strategic planning process which is well underway; closer ties between Sacramento and Stockton campus degree programs and enhanced career development services. Professor Cynthia Ostberg (COP - Political Science), panel chair, endorsed the recommendations on behalf of the panel. The Council accepted the report without modifications.

7. 2001 Emeriti Faculty: Council approved Emeriti status for the names presented by the Provost.

8. AITT2 Report: John Livesey (TJ Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences), Chair of the Taskforce responded to questions from council. Professor di Franco (COP-Mathematics) was concerned that assessment did not seem to be a primary focus of the Taskforce. Professor Robert Cox (COP-English) asked whether the report was attempting to define the role of the CTLT. Chair Livesey indicated that the Taskforce only addressed on the IT aspects of CTLT. Professor di Franco asked whether the resources were available to institute the student IT requirement recommended in the report. Council was reminded that they were considering acceptance of the report and not voting to implement recommendations. Professor Fries (TJ Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) reminded Council that all recommendations would have to go through the normal approval process. Council members praised Chair Livesey for his leadership. The report was accepted by Council.

9. Program Review:

B. Theater Arts: Academic Affairs Committee Chair Peery reviewed the review process and presented the recommendations of the panel and Academic Affairs Committee. Members of Council raised concerns regarding the justification for some of the recommendations based on the information available. A motion to accept the report was tabled and Chair Peery agreed to provide Council with a more complete memorandum addressing Council concerns at the May meeting.

10. Convocation Committee: The Council approved inclusion of a new Convocation Committee in the Handbook. The purpose of the Committee is to aid with the planning of convocation and helping to develop a list of potential speakers. The document was revised to indicate a two-year overlapping term on the committee for the faculty and student members. Council approved establishing the Committee.

11. Council adjourned.