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April 27, 2000

University of the Pacific
Academic Council

April 27, 2000
Meeting Summary

1. The Minutes April 13, 2000 meeting were approved.

2. Chair's Report: Chair Snell thanked the Council Members that had journeyed to the meeting at the McGeorge School of Law for the april 13th meeting. He further commended all council members for their willingness to be involved in the decision making process on the campus.

3.President DeRosa
addressed the Council. He reported that the University was attracting more, and more serious, students. Thus far there have been 3200 applicants to the University for Fall admission, a 15% increased over last year. For the first time in many years there is a waiting list for admission. The Freshman class has been targeted at 710 students. An increase in transfer students is expected to provide for a larger student body.
The President reported that the National Commission for the Future of the University was moving forward with different panels at different points in the process. He encouraged the faculty to be involved and thanked those Council members who were serving on Panels. Already many individuals have re-connected with the University as the panels address many issues with a focus on identifying areas which are and could set the University apart from other Universities. He encouraged the faculty to be pioneering and continue to explore opportunities to make the University distinctive.
The President reviewed the Three Year Faculty Salary Plan which is entering its third, and final year. The $1.3 million Plan has brought faculty salaries on the Stockton campus to the 60th percentile of AAUP universities similar to Pacific. He reviewed the facilities changes which will change the external appearance of the campus including the north campus residential community and the new clinic facilities for the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences which will also include a Dental Clinic.
The President reaffirmed the importance of the Mission Statement but challenged the University "to stretch even further" when re-evaluating and revision the Planning Priorities this summer. The process will begin at a June 6 retreat involving all segments of the campus community. In response to a question from Herb Reinelt, the President expanded on his view of distinctive programs. He highlighted the Dental School and their humanistic approach to education which is an outstanding model Dental Schools throughout the world. The President suggested that the Humanities Project also has the potential to be a distinctive program. Although it will always be a relatively small program, the new Ph.D. program in Chemistry/Pharmacy should also be such a program.

4. Provost's Report:
The Provost deferred his report until the May 11 meeting.

5. IPC Report:
David Brock reported that IPC had recently had a presentation from the McGeorge School of Law. The potential budget surpluses from outsourcing the Bookstore may allow IPC to fund some of the Second Tier items. Associate Provost Rajala presented data to IPC concerning schools with whom we compete. The retreat to evaluate and revise the University's Planning Priorities will take place on June 6. He reported that IPC had also developed a review calendar for Support Programs.

6. The ITPC Report was postponed until the My 11 meeting.

7. University Compensation Committee Report
: Brad Stockert reported that the Committee had recommended the name of a consultant to Vice President Cavanaugh to help the University negotiate a new Health Plan with Health Plan providers. He indicated that once a consultant is hired the first step will be for them to gather input from faculty and staff. He indicated both he and Ken Beauchamp, faculty members on the committee, were very interested in hearing faculty concerns about health care. In response to a question from Assistant Provost Heather Mayne, Professor Stockert stated that the Committee was also considering other issues such as Long Term Care Insurance and Child Care.

8. What's on Your Mind
(10 minutes) Brad Stockert asked when the new Dental Hygiene Program would be available for students. Provost Gilbertson reported that the program, limited to 30 students, would involve 18 months of course work from the College of the Pacific followed by 18 months of Professional instruction. Once the timetable for construction of the clinic is established the starting date for the program will be formalized. Tom Brierton raised the issue of facilities for Extension Programs and the lack of air conditioning for the "smart" classroom on the second floor of Knoles Hall.

9. Program Review: Chemistry:
Professor Newman Peery, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee presented the recommendations regarding the Department of Chemistry Program Review. The Council accepted the report and endorsed the recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee.

10. Program Review: Dentistry:
Professor Peery then presented the committee recommendations regarding the School of Dentistry. The Council accepted the report and endorsed the recommendations with the following modifications. The wording "at or near the top of the" was added to clarify the national standing of the Dental School. References relating to the McGeorge School of Law were deleted from the Council recommendation.

11. Admissions and Financial Aid Committee:
The revised membership was approved by Council.

12. Graduate Studies Committee:
The motion to remove from the table the revised membership of the Graduate Studies Committee was approved. The revised membership was approved with the addition of the words "on the Stockton campus" in both the statement of charge and the recommended faculty membership.

13. Action on the Information Security Policies:
#7 Internet Acceptable Use and #8 Electronic Mail as well as action on the section of the University Handbook involving the Evaluation of Administrators was postponed until the May 11 meeting.

Chair Snell adjourned the meeting at 5:15pm.