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April 8, 2004

University of the Pacific – Stockton Campus
Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of April 8, 2004

R. Hoverstad (p), N. Peery (p)
Conservatory: R. Brittin (a), J. Haffner (a), N. Waldvogel (a)
COP: B. Beal (a), D. Borden (p), L. Christianson (p), C. Dobbs (a), B. Klunk (p), P. Meyer (p), C. Ostberg (p), L. Spreer (p), D. Tedards (a), K. Whittington (p)
Dental: H. Chi (a), J. Levy (a), B. Peltier (p)
Education: M. Draheim (a), V. Snyder (p)
Emeriti: G. Blum (p)
Engineering: Chi-Wook Lee (p), M. Doherty (a)
Law: F. Galves (a), W. Jones (a), G. Scully (a)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
Pharmacy: D. Fries (p), S. Smith-Stubblefield (p), D. Abood (a)
SIS: C. Smith (a)
Students: L. Nowinski ASUOP (p)
Ex-Officio Non-Voting: J. Post (a), F. Wiens (a), C. Cox (a), C. Eakin (a), A. Freedman (p), P. Gilbertson (p), K. Hatschek (a), C. Hawbaker (a), J. Herche (a), R. Koper (a), T. Kuhlman (a), F. Staniec (a), C. Saviz (a), T. Nelson (a), J. Sprankling (a), R. Sylvester (a), B. Cox (p), J. Purnell (p)
Guests: Lisa Cooper, Marisa Kelly, Mel Thomas, Phil Oppenheimer, Rolando Lazaro


Chair Larry Spreer called the meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

  1. Approval of Minutes - Motion L. Christianson moved, D. Borden second to approve the minutes of March 11, 2004.
  2. Chair’s Report

    • The faculty vote for the Promotion and Tenure Committee change to the structure of the membership has some glitches in the process of voting electronically. These are being worked out. It seems though to be going heavily towards an adoption.
    • The Executive Board received a copy of the Staff Complaint and Grievance Procedure that will be in their new revised handbook. It was thought that since many staff work with department chairs and faculty that faculty be given a chance to review the document. It is a good document and outlines the procedure a staff person can take if they have a complaint or grievance much like we faculty do. A memo from the Executive Board acknowledging receipt and acceptance of the procedures will be sent.
    • Parking – A proposal to take care of permits online is being discussed. One of the problems faced last year was the selling of “A” permits in August when many faculty were absent.
    • The response to the IPC FY05 Budget Recommendations will be discussed later in the today’s meeting.
  3. Provost Report – Faculty Handbook bookmarks have been printed and will be mailed to faculty to use to go online to view the Faculty Handbook. Plans are being developed to print and distribute the Faculty Handbook at department level. The Provost gave an up-date on the enrollment planning for the fall. The two unknowns are the Cal-Grants and limiting enrollments on U.C. and Cal State campuses and how this will have an impact on Pacific. Pacific’s 10 year enrollment plan calls for 800 freshman students and we are already over that. The Provost reported the University Promotions and Tenure Committee discussed uniform student course evaluations and will respond to the Academic Councils’ formation of a faculty student task force. The Provost stated funding has been identified for the Center for Excellence director and a national search has begun. The Benerd School of Education’s accreditation visit by NCATE was just done. The School had a very thorough visit and the team gave them an A+. The search for the Education Dean has begun. Dr. Gene Pearson will chair the search committee. An interim dean has been appointed and will start next week.
  4. 2004 Emeriti Faculty - The list of the 2004 Emeriti faculty were brought to Council by Provost Gilbertson for their consideration. Motion Diane Borden moved Dave Fries seconded to approve candidates Gerald Hewitt, Douglas Matheson, Robert Sarka, Darwin Sarnoff, Gilbert Schedler, Anthony Skrocki, and Donald Wedegaertner for emeriti status. No discussion. Motion unanimously approved. Emeriti Professor George Blum announced the Emeriti Society is sponsoring a Faculty Coffee House which will make available coffee and pastry in the Redwood Room every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon from 2:30-4:30 till the end of the semester. The Emeriti Society believes that the working faculty need a place to interact when they are not teaching or on a committee. The first Coffee House gathering will be this Thursday, March 30th with a wine and cheese reception to inaugurate this service.
  5. Disabilities Procedures Handbook (documentation of Disabilities; definition of learning disabilities) – Vivian Snyder, Director of the Educational Resource Center, and Lisa Cooper, Coordinator, Educational Resource Center, presented to Council a Documentation of Disabilities, and a Grievance Procedure for Student Disability Accommodation Issues and Alleged Discrimination Based on Disability policy. Snyder stated these documents are not new but are actually revised with some minor changes made. She stated that the Grievance Procedure actually has been shortened and simplified to address a grievance. Snyder stated that legal counsel has seen both documents and has also been reviewed by Vice President of Student Life Julie Sina and the University Human Resource Department. Motion R. Hoverstad moved Simalee Smith-Stubblefield second to accept the Documentation of Disabilities and the Grievance Procedure Policy with changes. Discussion followed. Lisa Cooper clarified that the actual procedure for students with disabilities or students with a grievance starts with the Services for Students with Disabilities Office. She also stated that the entire handbook was not seen by Council only the portion with changes, however, it is available online.

Motion approved unanimously.

  1. IPC FY2005 Budget Recommendations – Chair Spreer distributed the Executive Board response to IPC Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Recommendations. Attached to the response sheet is a spreadsheet with various items that have been funded. In response to the IPC FY05 budget recommendations the Executive Board stated to the Provost and VP Cavanaugh, Business and Finance the timeframe had a very short turnaround time and in the future it would be highly desirable to have both staff and faculty have time to consider and have at least the Councils’ respond to the budget recommendations. Another concern stated was the difficulty in understanding the IPC letter due to lack of definitions and detail. It was suggested that in the future possibly two documents could be done with one having more detail and another summary document for those who may not want or need more information. The Executive Board also made comments on a number of items that were not included in the IPC budget recommendations that they felt should have a high priority. These are listed in order of priority:

    1. Faculty Positions
    2. Library Acquisitions
    3. Operating Budgets
    4. Classroom Maintenance and Improvement
  1. Academic Affairs Committee Dual Majors - A proposed revised catalog description regarding Dual Majors versus Concurrent Degrees was presented to Council by Academic Affairs Committee chair Bob Cox who stated it was unanimously approved by the Committee on February 5, 2004. Cox presented background information stating that the current catalog copy is not clear and has caused some problems. The document was sent to them by the Assistant/Associate Deans. Motion George Blum moved Lee Christianson second to accept the Dual Majors and Concurrent Degrees with minor revisions to the catalog copy. Discussion followed. Motion approved unanimously.

    Department of Classics - Bob Cox presented the Program Review Panel Report for the Department of Classics. The Academic Affairs Committee met with the Acting Chair of Classics Mel Thomas, panel chair William Brennan, and Marisa Kelly, Associate Dean of the College of the Pacific. Cox stated that procedure was followed in the review and the Committee accepted the panel’s recommendations.

    Motion Lee Christianson moved Brian Klunk second to endorse the program review panels report of the Department of Classics. Discussion followed. Mel Thomas spoke to Council about the review process. He stated that the panel followed procedure, Classics faculty and students were interviewed. Thomas stated that the Classics Department has had a significant increase in most of their classes’ partly in response to a previous program review and their upper division Greek and Latin classes are taught as overloads. During the discussion it was brought out that the Dean of COP had appointed an ad hoc faculty/student panel to consider the entire Humanities division; a recommendation to merge the Classics and Religious Studies departments is included in the ad hoc groups report. This report is now being discussed in the College. Question called. Motion to approve unanimously passed.

    Department of Physical Therapy - Bob Cox presented the Program Review Panel Report for the Department of Physical Therapy. The Academic Affairs Committee met with Cathy Peterson, Interim Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy, panel chair Ron Hoverstad, and Mark Van Ness, a member of the panel. Cox stated that procedure was followed in the review and the Committee accepted the panel’s eleven recommendations. Motion Ron Hoverstad moved Simalee Smith-Stubblefield second to endorse the program review

    Panels report of the Department of Physical Therapy. Discussion followed. Concern by the panel review committee was also voiced to the Council regarding the vacancy of the department chair position. Phil Oppenheimer, Dean of School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, reported on the status of the chair search. He stated a call went out, letters were sent, announcements made at various conferences and they received only a few applicants from that endeavor, however, an active search is still being conducted. This unfortunate situation is reflective of the national scene where many physical therapy departments are seeking faculty members and the number of qualified applicants is small. The recruitment of students is good with 42 students confirmed for 36 slots. Oppenheimer stated he is proud of the department, “they have been working very hard to create a DPT program, received their professional accreditation, and are getting the students they want.” Oppenheimer also thanked the program review panel team. It was stated that the panel did follow procedures during the review of the department. Motion unanimously approved.
  1. Other Business – No other business

Motion Brian Klunk moved Lee Christianson second to adjourn. Motion unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by,

Kitty Gilbert