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December 12, 2013

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm


Business: J. Post (p), S. Walchli (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), B. Phillips (a)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Burmeister (p), C. Dobbs (p), B. Herrin (p), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (p), M. Normand (p), A. Smith (p), C. Snell (p), B. Swagerty (p), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: F. Fendler (p), A. Nattestad (a), R. White (a)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (a), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: L. Lee (a), C. Mathews (a)
Law: L. Carter (a), F. Galves (a), W. Jones (p)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
PHS: L. Boles (p), S. Carr-Lopez (a), J. Ward-Lonergan (p), C. Wilson (p)
SIS: A. Richard (a)
ASUOP: S. Medina (a), tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), D. Neault (p), J. Ren (p)
Observers: B. Gundersen (a), J. Lohr (p)
Guests: L. Dempsey, A. Dutoi, J. Jones, P. Meyer, C. Schroeder, L. Tromovitch

Call to Order @ 3:02 pm

I. Consent Agenda
A. November 14, 2013 Minutes
B. Academic Affairs fall 2013 approval log

II. Reports
A. Chairperson's Report - Marlin Bates
There was a high level of faculty involvement in the fall 2013 All-Faculty election, with about 105 faculty participating. All three faculty handbook changes were approved and the elected representatives for SPC are:
Ruth Jones, LAW
Gene LaBarre, DEN
Jim Hetrick (COP), Faculty
Cynthia Weick (BUS/ENG), Faculty

Additionally, the Executive Board has appointed three additional faculty Representatives:
Sharmila King (COP) - 2 year term
Gary Litton (ENG) - 2 year term
Dan Wadhwani (BUS) - 1 year term

B. President's Report - Pam Eibeck
The president thanked the faculty for their involvement in preparing the program reports. On March 7, 2014, there will be a dedication of the new SF building. There will be buses available to transport faculty/staff to the reception. Last Friday, she signed a lease with EventBrite to occupy the top two floors of the seven story dental school building. This is a $37 million transaction for a seven year lease with the option to extend for three more years. The long-term goal is to have Pacific occupy the entire building with new academic degree programs available in San Francisco.

The airport interviews for the VP of Business & Finance have been completed. Thanks to Peg Ciccolella, the faculty representative on the search committee. Campus interviews will be held the last week of January and first week of February. She is in the final stages of offering a position to a candidate for the Associate Vice President for Planning. This person is replacing Rob Brodnick, who was initially under the Provost's Office, then moved to the President's Office when she arrived at Pacific. This person will play a facilitative role at Pacific and be a resource to faculty and the university as a whole.

She is pulling together the details on the $90 million donor matching program from the Powell gift. There is also a $25 million matching fund for academic program support endowments. The details will be shared with the Board of Regents and an announcement should be made by March.

C. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
The Provost Newsletter will be going out tonight or tomorrow morning. Enrollment update: Over 7K applications have been received. This is above the 2009 numbers when we had actual enrollment of about 890. We are on a better trajectory than then, and are hoping to have a strong freshman class. There have been 800 students already admitted. For transfer students, the numbers are about the same as last year at this time and graduate numbers are higher. The changes this year include targeting students more likely to enroll at Pacific, charging an application fee, and contacting northern California students directly. We are expecting an overall application pool of 12K. Pharmacy applications are higher, Dentistry is good, and LAW is lower than expected.
The CTL job description has been posted internally and will be internal for a week before it will go public. Please encourage people to apply if you know someone who would be interested. The Vice Provost position has been redefined to better align with Pacific 2020, as Vice Provost for Distributed Learning and Instructional Technology (VPDL). This position will provide oversight to academic programs that are distant from Pacific-Stockton and the CTL and CPCE. The search committee is being formed now and a search firm will be used. Regarding institutional effectiveness - the director position has also been reconfigured to better align with Pacific 2020 and will be the Vice Provost for Educational Effectiveness and Academic Planning. The job description is in process and we will need to constitute a search committee as well.
The Academic Planning and Alignment is ongoing. Thanks to faculty for all your efforts. Regarding Educational Assessment, she sent 20 faculty to a WASC workshop and asked them to develop assessment plans. She has received one so far, which will be vetted out to schools and faculty to get everyone on board.
She is continuing to develop roadmap for IT to better serve faculty and staff. The regents will have a half-day retreat regarding technology at Pacific, and alignment with the strategic plan. John Jones will play a role and develop a vision for the most important role of IT at Pacific.
Happy holidays to friends and family.

III. Action Items - None

IV. Information Items
A. FCC/Retirement Response Update
The President's response memo is in today's packet. The FCC would like to ensure that the faculty members that accepted the early retirement incentive plan convene as a group. The faculty deadline to accept was two days ago, December 10th with about 20 accepting. Jane Lewis is aware of this request and will be scheduling the meeting. There is still concern for those who had requested the phased-in retirement and are not eligible to accept the incentive package. Mike Rogers made a presentation at IPC and Geoff Lin-Cereghino and Bill Swagerty gave a counter presentation on faculty salaries. The FCC will look at Pacific's standard and aspirant peer groups for comparison, not just CUPA. We have to ensure that we are offering competitive compensation to attract/retain faculty. We are losing our cost of living adjustments to the increasing health costs, so no real raise is being given. The FCC would also like to explore a health savings plan for faculty. At the IPC meeting, the administration opened the door for the FCC to actually work with administration on a new faculty salary plan, which historically has never happened. There are documents that were shared in the public session of the IPC meeting that Marlin will post to the sharepoint site.

Questions have been raised about how faculty can receive Emeriti status upon retirement. A request was made that the provost discuss this issue with the Deans.

B. New Student Convocation Change - Linda Dempsey
Linda is the Director of New Student and Family Programs. Her office is suggesting a change to the fall convocation schedule. This has been approved by the President and the Cabinet, but would like faculty approval as well. Convocation has traditionally been held on the Sunday afternoon at 2 pm prior to the first day of school in the fall. The plan is to change the date/time to Saturday mid-morning at 10:30 or 11:00. They would like to increase faculty presence at this event. A preliminary handout was distributed with proposed changes to the entire schedule for the week prior to the first day of school. This will allow them to change some of the orientation events and make it more academic focused. There are date changes for freshman, transfer and graduate students, as MOVE will not have as large a presence as in the past. It will now focus on local community involvement. Transfer student orientation will be held simultaneously with international student orientation on Monday and Tuesday. Freshman orientation is being pushed back one day to Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday is move-in date for freshmen that attended June orientations. Friday has the most changes, with the associate deans asking for additional face-to-face contact with their student advisors.
Faculty feedback is that the change in the convocation date/time is a good idea. Parents would not have to spend an extra night paying for accommodations. It is better for faculty versus a Sunday afternoon and the students will have Sunday to prepare for Monday classes.

New Faculty Orientation is held on the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week as well. Is there feedback on changing these dates? The new faculty are not paid for these 2.5 days, so having it closest to the start of the academic term would be best. Recommendation is to keep the traditional dates for New Faculty Orientation.

C. Feedback for OIT - John Jones
The interim CIO is here to receive faculty feedback on faculty's needs/wants for IT.
Marlin has received concerns about the timing of this subject with finals and holidays, but it is important to begin the conversation. As items/issues are raised, they can be emailed to Marlin or the executive board. This is not the only opportunity for input. Marlin has received some emails from faculty which will be passed on to John. The focus today should include where we want OIT to be for faculty, not just what's wrong with OIT now.
• SMART technology and the room facilities don't match, so often the faculty won't use the technology.
• Need dedicated OIT personnel for faculty trained in educational technology and academic computing.
• Faculty shouldn't be sharing a ticketing system with students. We should have priority access.
• Would like to see a strategy for retaining, training and recruiting outstanding people.
• Sakai needs an administrator.
• Sakai needs to be upgraded and needs to be upgraded
• Curious about the relocation of OIT to March Lane - not integrated with main campus
• There is a need for more smart classrooms as the Chemistry department has a difficult time booking this room and has to resort to different technology to teach. There is only one room available to them in the classroom building.
• There are on-line testing issues in Biology - they have failed many students for cheating - tough to get buy in from them.
• Using the flipped classroom on a small scale by using Sakai's resources, however there is difficulty with the number of outlets and intermittent wifi creating issues.
• These sakai issues also apply to using it for test taking.
• A department has been exploring purchasing soundproof room with microphones to improve the quality of recordings, but there isn't enough money to pursue, so they support the idea of having a studio on campus.
• We need a consistent wireless system.
• We need a central listing of what resources we have available to faculty and a list of software.
• Research technology like angel (audio-recording platform)
• Whenever there are meetings, there are problems with technology - calls dropped and difficulty hearing. (audioconference issues).
• We don't use the bells and whistles that Sakai offers because we need more support.
• PacificPrint is slow.
• We need to be able to back-up faculty computers and research. OIT deleted 6 years of research.
• OIT needs to be proficient in the various platforms - PC and MAC.
• Emerging technologies in various fields, the integration of technology into teaching and research, where does faculty go to obtain this software or group licenses?
• Academic technology staff should be by school/program. We need liaisons, especially by discipline.
• Protecting confidentiality, especially in use of video (Patients).
• Statistical Research center is needed. We only have Mike Rogers for the entire university.
• Where is the library and the use of this? Synergies are needed with the library, CTL and OIT (a survey is coming out in the spring)
• TSPs aren't allowed to access the network, which slows down results.
• Network speed issues - servers?
• Responsiveness from the OIT staff is slow.
• Administrative issues.
• Photo Rosters for students - this is a tool in Sakai.
• Need OIT to take ownership of a problem u drive issues and wireless.
• MAC people needed.
• Culture of conservatism in OIT.
• VPN not allowed.
• Flash video in a classroom - no administrative authority.
• Knowledge Base FAQ on OIT website. Language isn't understandable. More user friendly knowledge base needed.
• Network upgrades for PC users.
PHS issues:
• The classrooms don't have enough outlets for students to use their computers.
• Need training on how to incorporate technology into their courses, such as posting video to sakai.
Per John, OIT has identified many of the same issues. Personnel interactions and personal response has been a focus since John walked in the door.
John commented on training issues as he sees an absence of technology training at Pacific. Would faculty support having workshops in standing meetings versus classes that you have to sign up for? Like today's AC meeting? A hands-on workshop could be incorporated into the agenda.
• Yes, this is a good idea (COP). Would like to incorporate what other faculty are doing in the classroom with sharing of information/demonstration.
• The faculty needs are varied so it would be difficult to make this useful for everyone attending the meeting.
• It would be better to offer through the CTL. An active center for teaching and learning would be better than standing meetings because faculty have varied needs.
• Faculty need to talk to their colleagues. We need to teach other. Communicate.

Faculty experiences with IT at DesMoines University includes:
• All students receive personal tablets.
• All lectures were digitally recorded and uploaded.
• All labs were videorecorded and shown live on large screens in the lab.
• Power point presentations were widely used for lectures by all faculty.
• Technology assistance was provided by staff during the summer for faculty to incorporate technology into their teaching.

Any additional comments should be forwarded to

D. Election Results

SPC Sacramento - Ruth Jones
SPC San Francisco - Gene LaBarre
SPC - Jim Hetrick & Cynthia Weick
FHB 6.3.5 P&T Committee - Approved 77-22
FHB 7.5 Faculty Evaluation Guidelines - Approved 73-22
FHB 11.24 Honor Code - Approved 103-5

V. What's On Your Mind?

Sacramento and San Francisco campus members are still needed for the VPDL search committee. Email Marlin if you are interested or would like to recommend someone.
How many faculty will be on the SPC? One-half of the committee is faculty. COP has some concerns that they may be underrepresented on this committee. When this charge and constitution was being formed, they decided not to have specific school/unit allotments. Although there are San Francisco and Sacramento representatives, they represent the campus and not the school. The reason for the three academic council executive board appointments is to balance the committee, in terms of unit, perspective and gender. This is necessary to keep the committee to a reasonable number of members. Anyone who would like to discuss these appointments is welcome to discuss with the executive board.

Meeting adjourned at 4:36 pm.