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December 13, 2007

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of December 13, 2007
University of the Pacific
Community Conference Room, Library

Business: S. Joseph (a), E. Typpo (p)
Conservatory: D. Ebbers (p), F. Rose (p)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Day (Childs, R./F07) (a), L. Fox (p), S. Giraldez (p),  B. Klunk (p), L. Koehler (p), D. Maxwell (a), C. Vierra (p), K. Whittington (p), Z. Zhou (on leave F07) (a)
Dental: R. Cohan (a), B. Lundergan (a) J. Miles (a)
Education: D. Brennan (p), R. Oprandy (L. Webster/F07(a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (a)
Engineering: B. Ford (a), C.W. Lee (p)
Law: G. Harris (a), W. Jones (p), K. Yelpaala (p)
Library: C. Hsieh (p)
Pharmacy: T. Little (p), J. Livesey/V. Bandy F07 (p), M. Susca (p), C. Wilson (a)
SIS: S. Sample (a)
ASUOP:  J. Foster (a)
Ex-Officio:  P. Gilbertson (p), B. Gundersen (p), D. McNiel (a), J. Post (p) H. Texter (a)
Guests: President DeRosa, Lisa Cooper, Jace Hargis, Jean Purnell

1. Welcome
Chair Lydia Fox called the meeting to order at 3:05.

2. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of November 8, 2007 were approved as submitted. 

3. President DeRosa
Chair Fox welcomed President DeRosa to the meeting. President DeRosa discussed the success of ongoing campaigns at the University and highlighted possible changes with the generous contributions. Both the President and Provost have paid special attention to enrollment matters, and the importance of social and emotional intelligence.

4. Chair's Report
Chair Fox informed that the grading deadline for Fall 2008 (Stockton campus, non-PHS) had been extended by 2 days to December 27. It is unclear if the grading deadline period is consider 4 business days or 4 calendar days, the issue will be discussed at a later date. Chair Fox announced the election results from the Nov. AC ballot:  Traci Roberts-Camps was elected to the CIP Advisory Board, Marlin Bates, Sandra Bellamy and Peter Meyer were elected to the Student Academic Grievance Committee; Sandra Bellamy, Gregg Jongeward, and Stephanie Naumann were elected to the Student/Facutly Advocate Board. The Emergency Notification System is in place; an alarm system is in the works. Faculty participation is encouraged. The February 08 meeting will be hosted at Pharmacy.

5. Provost's Report
Provost Gilbertson announced the new Dean of the College, Dr. Tom Krise from the University of Central Florida. Dr. Krise will begin on January 1, 2008.

6. Executive Session
The Council moved into Executive Session to consider the nominations for honorary degrees. 

7. 08/09 Academic Calendar
Final approval for the 2008/09 Academic Calendar to be published in the University Catalog was considered. Motion: B. Klunk moved, M. Bates seconded to approve submitted Academic Calendar.
Motion carried unanimously.

8. Election of Associate University Marshal
Mike McCallum was nominated for Associate University Marshall, there being no further discussions or nominations; council entertained a motion for approval.
Motion: Unanimously approved.

9. University Diversity Statement
Lisa Cooper presented the University Diversity statement for approval. Upon discussion of suggested changes to the statement, it was agreed to partially approve the statement as amended:
                         Statement of Diversity and Inclusion
The University of the Pacific community, including students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni, believes that diversity and inclusion are essential to the fulfillment of our institutional mission. We value inclusiveness in learning, curricular and co-curricular programming, campus climate, recruitment, admissions, hiring and retention. Our thinking and actions support our commitment to promote and maintain a civil community that is respectful of all individuals regardless of differences in age, citizenship, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, geographic origin, language, marital status, nationality, philosophical beliefs, race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status.

We are committed to all members of the Pacific community becoming competent and ethical citizen leaders able to interact effectively in an increasingly multicultural society and global economy. This transformative process is accomplished through our distinctive integration of liberal arts and professional education which promotes innovation, open discourse and dialogue, leadership development, experiential learning and self-reflection.

Motion: F. Rose moved, M. Bates seconded to approve the statement with the editorial suggestions made from this meeting;
Motion carried

10. Handbook Revision
A handbook revision to 6.3.2 Educational Equity Programs was submitted for approval. Motion: M. Bates moved, S. Giraldez seconded to approve the handbook revision.
Motion carried unanimously.

11. Alumni Survey Report
VP Leland presented the results of the Alumni Survey. Overall feedback was positive from Alumni, they feel a strong connection with Pacific and generously contribute to the Pacific funds.

12. What’s on your mind?
Chair Fox opened the floor to questions or discussions. Concerns related to the  implementation of Impulse and data privacy issues were raised.. M. Bates shared with Council that the 2009 National Parliamentary Debate tournament will be held at Pacific in March 2009, further details will be provided in the following months, much of the campus will be impacted by this event. The issue of providing new faculty with housing assistance was raised.  The Provost indicated that the University has looked into this but has decided not to pursue this for now due to equity and cost considerations.

13. Adjournment
Chair Fox adjourned the meeting at 5:09 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Oliva,
Academic Council Secretary