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December 14, 2000

Meeting Summary
December 14, 2000

1. Action on the minutes of the November 16 meeting was tabled because some members did not receive some of the pages.

2. Executive Session

3. Chair's Report: Chair Kelly reported to Council that Draft Reports from the National Commission Panels are being posted on the Commission web site ~ Feedback should go to Panel members or Gene Pearson.

4. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson updated Council members regarding OISR changes. A Search for CIO will be underway shortly. The Chair of the search committee should be named next week. ACITC is working on a position description for CIO. Looking for an individual to be an executive director of operations for the 40 staff of the OISR to supervise day to day operations. In addition the executive director will be a liaison to ACITC and administrative computing. The Provost also announced that J. Thomas Brown has been appointed Registrar and will be on campus in mid January.

5. Budget Presentation: Vice President for Finance Patrick Cavanaugh distributed copies of the Unrestricted Funds Budget for FY 2000 FINAL and FY 2001 OUTLOOK as of September 30, 2000 ~ Consolidated, Stockton Campus, San Francisco and Sacramento. Vice President Cavanaugh reviewed the current status of FY 2001 and raised concerns over higher than expected utility costs and increases in medical premiums. He stated that outsourcing of the bookstore had had a positive impact on the FY 2001 budget. Vice President Cavanaugh reported that four finalists for the position of Human Resources Director will be on campus for interviews. He also announced that Karen Belden, Budget Director, was resigning at the end of January to spend more time with her children.

6. A Conversation with Tom Rajala, Associate Provost for Enrollment Services: Mr. Rajala distributed copies of the Final Fall 2000 Enrollment Report for the Stockton Campus as well as an Introduction to "An Enrollment Plan 2001/2009. The Fall 2000 report indicated enrollment of 729 Freshmen and 257 Transfer students. The report indicated that Caucasians made up 51.9% of the entering Freshmen and 47.5% of the transfer students. Mr. Rajala indicated that average Freshman SAT was 1120 and for the first time UOP established a waiting list for admission. Mr. Rajala indicated that the University is currently defining optimum capacity which is likely between 6000 and 6500 students and how to balance expansion where there is room to grow with out significant additional costs.

7. Diversity Grant Proposal - Heather Mayne, Assistant Provost: Assistant Provost Mayne distributed a revised copy of Diversity Objectives for the University of the Pacific (Stockton Campus) and a grant proposal to the Irvine Foundation that had been originally distributed and discussed by Council at the September meeting. If funded, the grant will help the University implement several programs which should have a positive impact on student diversity. The report indicated a projected increase of 115 students on the Stockton campus for the 2001-02 academic year including an increase of 13 African American students, 26 Latino students, 29 Asian/Pacific Islander students, 5 Native American students, 65 Caucasian students and a decrease of 35 students in the Other and NRA categories. Assistant Provost Mayne presented growth projections in enrollment of African-American, Latino, Native American and Asian/Pacific Islander Students for the years 2001-2005. If Stockton campus growth is maintained at approximately 100 students per year, the projected increases in African-American, Latino, Native American and Asian/Pacific Islander students will constitute 68% of the projected growth. The Council approved the report and the grant Proposal to the Irvine Foundation.

8. Master of Arts in Intercultural Relations: Memoranda from the Graduate Studies Committee and Academic Affairs Committee were distributed recommending approval of the proposed degree program. The program will be offered jointly with the Intercultural Communications Institute in Portland. Pacific will replace Antioch College in this affiliation with ICI. The program is designed for adult professionals and will include distance learning and a six week on-campus residency. Professor LaBrack answered questions regarding the proposed degree program. The Council approved the program.

9. Email System: John Livesey, Chair of ACITC and Bob Paulson, Director of Enterprise Services, updated Council on the current review of email at UOP. Current systems are being evaluated and criteria have been set to make final recommendations. The back-end email server must support Open Standards, such as SMTP, POP-3 and IMAP, must IMAP with Campus Pipeline and StarOffice and must integrate with MS Word and Excel. The plan is to test the system in the Spring and begin roll-out (by unit or department) after graduation.

10. IPC Report - David Brock: Chair Kelly [Brock was not present] called attention to the Preliminary Draft of the Mission, Vision and Priorities - 2002-2010 that was distributed to the University community earlier in the week. He encouraged faculty to send comments and concerns to IPC members.

11. What's On Your Mind? (10 minutes): It is time to adjourn!

12. The meeting was adjourned at approximately 5:10 p.m.