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February 10, 2000

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of February 10, 2000
Stockton Campus

Business: J. Knight (p), T. Brierton (a)
Conservatory: R. Brittin (a), D. Brock (p)
COP: K. Albala (a), R. Cox (p), R. di Franco (p), L. Fox (p), M. Kelly (p), P. Meyer (p), E. Pearson (p), M. Sharp (p), C. Snell (p), M. Thomas (p), W. Zimmermann (p)
Dental: J. Cohen (a), J. Hadley (a), J. Levy (a)
Education: T. Nelson (a), S. Trotter (p)
Engineering: C. Saviz (p), L. Stark (p)
Law: F. Gevurtz (a), G. Weber (p)
Library: C. Hawbaker (p)
Pharmacy: M. Ferrill (a), B. Stockart (p)
SIS: D. Keefe (p)
Emeritie: H. Reinelt (p)
Students: R. Gohlke (p), S. Padar (p)
Ex-Officio: P. Gilbertson (p), M. Lang (a), B. Gundersen (a), A. Freedman (p), P. Fitzgerald (p), N. Peery (p), H. Mayne (p), M. Zier (a)
Guests: John Livesey, Joyce McCallister, Margaret Payne, Simalee Smith-Stubblefield

Chair Snell called the meeting to order at 3:15 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the December 9, 1999 meeting were approved with one correction. Page two, line two: add the words "to be"- Controversial items (to be) taken out of the written draft.

2.Chair's Report
Chris Snell reported on the January meeting of the Regents at the Dental School in San Francisco. Snell reported that the Regents were very engaged and that the meeting had been highly productive.

3. Provost's Report
The Provost reported on the National Commission Panels. He stated that all the chairs are in place and materials are being prepared. Gilbertson stated the date for the kick-off meeting will be March 16. "The process should be very beneficial to the University", Gilbertson said. He also reported on two recent hires: Rob Brodnick, Institutional Research Officer and Bob Paulsen, Banner Director.

4. IPC Report-David Brock and Lydia Fox
IPC members Brock and Fox reported on the priority decisions for IPC budget recommendations and answered questions. They requested input before February 22. A short question and answer period followed. In response to questions: the $75,000 for staff salaries is to bring all staff to the minimum salary in the new staff classification scales. The two new scholarships for women student athletes are revenue neutral because they will be divided among numerous students who would not have attended UOP without the scholarships and will be providing tuition revenues beyond their partial scholarship. The Second Tier recommendations will only be funded if the University income exceeds expectations.

5. Information Technology Planning Committee Report - Roland di Franco
A confidential draft of the proposed University "Information Security Policies" was presented by Roland di Franco. Academic Computing Committee member John Livesey (School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences) reported to Council that ACC is rewriting the Internet and e-mail portions of the IT security policy that Council approved in principle in December, 1999. Several Council members commented on the corporate tone of the document which does not match similar documents at other universities. Other concerns raised were over the proposed classification of "UOP course materials, including on-line media" as Internal Use Only Information. Provost Gilbertson stated the security policy is a necessary document for Banner upgrades allowing students access to their grades, among other opportunities. He stated ITPC has until the end of March to finalize the policy as it must go to the President for review before adoption by the Board of Regents at their April meeting.

6. Bookstore Review Report - Craig Hawbaker and Peter Meyer
Craig Hawbaker (University Library), Peter Meyer (COP/Economics) and Don Bryan (Athletics/School of Business) gave a report of the recently completed review of Bookstore operations. Hawbaker stated the charge of the committee was to look at the set-up of the Bookstore and the possibility of outsourcing. The committee's recommendation was that the Bookstore should not be outsourced. The faculty members on the committee, Hawbaker and Meyer, were a dissenting minority on the decision. The decision will more than likely be made at the April meeting of the Board of Regents.

7. Open Forum - What's On Your Mind?
Question asked by Bob Cox as to what Council is going to do to implement the Experiential Learning Committees recommendations that were approved in October by Council. Chair Snell responded that the proposal for the oversight committee would likely be on the March agenda.
A reminder from Roland di Franco that the Council Bylaws have been approved and it was time to implement the Bylaw provisions regarding unit governance.

8. Five Year Calendar
Discussion on the Five Year Calendar revolved around inadequate information for year 2001 and beyond. Council members requested the Five-Year Calendar be tabled until the information on specific days for classes is presented.
Motion: W. Zimmermann moved, G. Pearson seconded to table the decision on the Five Year Calendar until information requested has been provided. Motion passed, 1 no, 1 abstain.

9. Faculty Review Committee for Admissions - Simalee Smith Stubblefield
Simalee Smith Stubblefield, chair Admissions and Financial Aid Committee, stated the committee felt that the faculty review was not really effective and recommends that it be eliminated.
Motion: R. di Franco moved, B. Cox seconded to accept the recommendation by the Admissions and Financial Aid Committee to eliminate the Faculty Review Committee for Admissions. Motion passed.

10. Handbook Policies on Academic Freedom and Non-Discrimination
Motion: G. Pearson moved, M. Kelly seconded to approve the document on Policies on Academic Freedom. Motion passed.

Policy on Non-Discrimination was presented and discussed. Council member Steve Trotter urged the Committee to seek appropriate legal counsel in that improper wording might cost the University should law suits ensue.

11. Structure for Committee on Graduate Studies - Darcy Umphred
Darcy Umphred, chair Graduate Studies Committee, presented a revised membership/structure of the Graduate Studies Committee for the approval of Council. It was stated by some Council members that some units were not adequately informed about the recommended changes. Council was reminded that a similar request had been made during the last academic year but, no final action was taken. Council has concerns about the appropriateness of having only two representatives from COP. It was proposed that action on GSC be tabled until the March meeting.
Motion to table the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee regarding membership/structure till the March meeting was passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectively submitted by:

Kitty Gilbert