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February 12, 2004

University of the Pacific – Stockton Campus
Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of February 12, 2004

R. Hoverstad (a), N. Peery (p)
Conservatory: R. Brittin (a), J. Haffner (a), N. Waldvogel (a)
COP: B. Beal (a), D. Borden (p), L. Christianson, (p) C. Dobbs (a), B. Klunk (p), P. Meyer (p), C. Ostberg (p), L. Spreer (p), D. Tedards (p), K. Whittington (a)
Dental: H. Chi (a), J. Levy (a), B. Peltier (p)
Education: M. Draheim (p), V. Snyder (a)
Emeriti: G. Blum (p)
Engineering: M. Doherty (p), CW. Lee (p)
Law: F. Galves (a), W. Jones (a), G. Scully (p)
Library: R. Imhof (a)
Pharmacy: D. Fries (p), S. Smith-Stubblefield (a), D. Abood (p)
SIS: C. Smith (p)
Students: L. Nowinski(p), TBD (a)
Ex-Officio: B. Cox (a), D. Brennan (a), T. Kulisch (a), R. Silvestre (a), C. Hawbaker (a), T. Nelson (a), C. Eaking (a), C. Saviz (a), L. Fox (a), T. Kuhlman (a), Joel Herche (a), R. Koper (a), P. Gilbertson (p), A. Freedman (p).
Guests: Pat Cavanaugh, VP Business and Finance, Marcus Perro, Director, Budget & Risk Management, Jim Phillips, Director of Educational Technology Services

Chair Larry Spreer called the meeting to order at 3:03 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes

Motion Lee Christianson moved, George Blum seconded to approve the minutes of December 11, 2003. Motion unanimously approved

2. Pat Cavanaugh, Vice President for Business and Finance

Vice President Cavanaugh, presented overviews on the Tuition Proposal for Fiscal year 2005, the proposed redesign of the new University Center and brief overviews on a proposal for a Campus baseball park, and the Investment Committee of the Board of Regents.

The tuition Proposal for Fiscal Year 2005 calls for an increase in tuition, fees, room and board of 4.9%. The fy05 budget is based on an enrollment of 765 students with a target of 780 students. Over a five year period, the average Pacific increase in tuition has been 3.8% while other comparison private California institutions have average 5 year increases from 4.2 to 7%. In this five year period Pacific has gone from one of the most expensive California private schools to one of least expensive. Pacific’s endowment remains relatively small compared to many other institutions. Per a NACUBO Endowment Study report, Pacific ranks 239 out of 700+ schools. However, with a combination of luck and skill Pacific, under the guidance of the very knowledgeable Investment subcommittee of the Board of Regents, has made good advancement in the last several years. Another NACUBO Endowment study shows Pacific ranked number 15 over a five year period on the rate of growth of endowment.

Vice President Cavanaugh reported that a revision of the design for the planned new University Center was well-received by the Board of Regents. Several artists’ renditions of the building were shown along with comments describing how the new design will much better integrate with the current architecture. The Stockton City Council has decided to end their maintenance of Billy Hebert Baseball Stadium where Pacific baseball plays its games. There is therefore an urgent need to build a baseball facility on campus; current plans are to place the stadium on Zuckerman Field – conveniently available now that the 49ers no longer use the space. The cost of the first phase including a sunken field and bleachers is estimated to be $800,000. These funds will be raised by donations with no cost to Pacific operating budgets.

3. Chairs Report

Chair Spreer reported that Pacific is in the process of a very extensive review of the General Education Program. The writing panels are finishing their reports and the progress on the review will be presented on the next AC meeting.

There is discussion taking place about testing during summer new student orientation. Students can opt out of the writing exam if they have a certain SAT verbal score, but students will still take Math and Language Placement exams. Discussion is continuing about retakes on the Math exam. The degree audit task force has faculty input and progress is being made towards choosing a software program for monitoring student progress towards their degrees and also to facilitate transfer credit articulation. The University-wide faculty vote on proposed changes to Promotion and Tenure procedures and membership passed with a vote of 189 in favor to 5 against. This represents a very large percentage vote of eligible faculty. President De Rosa and chair Spreer have talked about the proposed changes and a meeting with President DeRosa, Provost Gilbertson and faculty representatives is planned. If his schedule permits President DeRosa will attend the March 11, 2004 AC meeting.

4. Provost Report

Provost Gilbertson reported that McGeorge School of Law’s student applications are up 20% from last year, Pharmacy is 30% ahead and for the Stockton Campus Undergraduate Schools 11% more than last year. The applicant pool is now close to 5000, which is a 70% increase over the last 2 years.

Ron Redmond was appointed a Regent member at the October 2003 Regents meeting, he is a Dental School Alum. Steven Leer was appointed a Regent member at the Regents meeting in January. Steven is an Engineering School Alum. Dean Miller made a presentation to the Regents about the new Biology building, providing them with a very convincing case for why building a new Biology building is so fundamental to Pacific’s future.

The Capital Campaign is now at $120 mil +, and the giving rate for Stockton undergraduate alums is at 15%, a jump up from 9% for previous years.

President DeRosa has made the decision to move the International Programs and Services from the Academic Division to the Student Life Division. Discussion followed regarding the history of IPS and how to involve the Study Abroad Committee with IPS.

5. Jim Phillips, director of Educational Technology Services

Mr. Phillips talked about the great opportunity to serve the institution. He sees his position as a means for faculty to articulate their technical needs as well as to keep faculty informed of new technologies and ways it could be implemented in their curriculum. One of the current projects is streaming video; ETS can help Faculty produce videos that can be incorporated into teaching and learning, and video can be viewed from server or burned onto CDs and handed out to students. Discussion followed.

6. Possible Spring Academic Council Meeting at Mc George

Chair Spreer proposed that the Academic Council meeting for April 22, 2004 be held at Mc George School of Law. The meeting will start at 4:00pm. More information will be provided at the next AC meeting.

Motion: N. Peery moved, L. Christianson seconded to adjourn. Motion unanimously approved. Meeting adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ana T. Orellana

Academic Council Secretary