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November 10, 2011

Academic Council
November 10, 2011
Library Community Room

Business: J. Post (p), S. Wheeler (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), B. Phillips (p)
College: M. Bates (a), S. Giraldez (p), C. Goff (p), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (p), J. Lu (p), L. Rademacher (p), C. Snell (p), T. Storch (p), B. Swagerty (p), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: L. Giusti (a), J. Miles (p), R. White (a)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (p), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C. Lee (p) A. Zarei (p)
Law: G. Caplan (p), W. Jones (a), M. Vitiello (p)
Library: S. Sutton (a)
PHS: S. Carr-Lopez (a), X. Guo (p), T. Phelan (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (a)
SIS: A. Kanna (p)
ASuop: tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), B. Gunderson (a), D. Neault (p)
Guests: Lydia Fox, Patrick Cavanaugh, Jane Lewis, Eric Sonstroem

Call to order: 3:04pm

1. Approval of Minutes for October 13, 2011
T. Phelan moved to approve, S. Giraldez seconded, unanimously approved

2. Chair's Report - Chris Goff
Announcements: Anthropologist, Thayer Scudder, Phi Beta Kappa visiting scholar will present a lecture today at 6:30 in the UC ballroom, with an open reception at 5:15, immediately following this meeting. Next Thursday, November 17th, the CTL will host a live webinar, from 11-12:30: The Technology Revolution and Student Learning: What You Need to Know, on the same day there will be a faculty to faculty presentation by Craig Vierra, Experiential Learning Opportunities for Students, Combining Theory and Practice.
Updates: Faculty Governance Office, the chair has a computer, office has signage on door and in elevator, paint coming soon. Law School-Harriett and Chris visited-Discussion on how to have a truly inclusive process for all 3 campuses. Planning on having December's Academic Council meeting at the law school, chartering a bus, will leave Stockton at 2:00 pm and return at 6:00 pm. The Spring All Faculty meeting will also be in Sacramento, probably a Monday in February. Chris would also be interested in having a similar meeting with faculty at Dugoni in San Francisco.
We will be voting on the same handbook change that was on Sakai, there was no quorum and no official approval date. Preparing to have an on-line voting process for spring faculty elections. This brings up issues with the term "voting faculty" as it is defined in the faculty handbook as tenured and tenure-track faculty devoting 50% time to teaching, scholarship and research. This does not include temporary or non-tenure track faculty, and it also states that only voting faculty can serve on standing committees. The ballot will only be sent out to "voting faculty." There is an issue with the increase in premiums for the Anthem Blue Cross POS plan issue, Pat Cavanaugh and Jane Lewis will be guests today and this discussion can wait until the What's on Your Mind portion of the agenda.

3. President's Report - Pam Eibeck
The president thanked Chris and Harriett for visiting the Law School in Sacramento. She also thanked the faculty involved in the working groups for strategic planning. She is planning a second Strategic Planning Symposium to be held Saturday, January 28, 2012. The purchase of SF building (Dental School) is scheduled to close on November 21st, thanks to the fundraisers and alumni for helping make this possible. UOP will also be taking out bonds to help fund this project. Moody's will be coming to the University to give us a financial rating for the bonds. Progress on new residence hall: It will be built on the north side of campus, north of the Calaveras river, an architect has been hired. The first phase will begin in the spring adding 300 new beds which will be available fall of 2013 as the goal date.

4. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Institutional Effectiveness, the committee (IEC) has been established, it looks broadly at the program reviews for the academic, co-curricular, and academic sides. The members of the committee are: G. Rohlf, C. Eakin, C. Lyon, S. Thompson, E. Sonstroem, E. McFall, K. Mullen, D. Farrell, D. Chase, and E. Sparks. It is about 50/50 faculty/administrators-thanks to all who agreed to serve. We have an evolving version of the EER report coming out over next few weeks. She has held about 15 department meetings about the IE process and Program Reviews. She will continue to meet with departments over the next few months.
Update on Dean searches: SIS - 4 candidates interviewed, the search committee will be meeting before the thanksgiving break, to give feedback. LAW - 14 candidates, hotel interviews held, will be down-selecting for site visits in December. There is a strong pool of candidates. ENG - The search committee has been constituted, comprised primarily of SOECS faculty along with Sarah Merz from COP, math department. Assistant Provost Office positions application period is closed, a review team has been selected to review applications for the 3 positions (C. Snell, S. Stubblefield-Smith, C. Darnell, B. Gundersen). The Vice-Provost position is closing next week, large and strong candidate pool. The International Programs and Services (IPS) Director has been hired, GeYao Liu, he will be starting in January.
The Council of Deans has completed the vetting of the budgeting process, the academic budget goes to IPC in 2 weeks, materials in by next week. Topics to be discussed in spring: faculty workload issues/compensation, sharing information with Faculty Compensation Committee. She will be meeting with Promotions & Tenure (P&T) next week, and bringing information to Council.

5. Handbook Change: Student Academic Grievance
T. Phelan moved to approve, B. Phillips seconded, unanimously approved, with minor corrections.

6. Vice Provost Search Committee - Harriett Arnold
She will be soliciting nominations from each of the units, and needs the names for the next Academic Council Executive Board meeting on Thursday, November 17th. Recommendations will be made and then brought to Academic Council for vote at the December 8th meeting. Please ensure that nominees have been approached and agree to be on the committee if selected. The request for nominations will go out to all faculty.

7. Commencement Speakers - Lydia Fox
The committee is seeking nominations for 2013 commencement speaker for the all-university commencement event. Please send names via e-mail to lkfox

8. What's On Your Mind?
K. Holland asked about the bond amount: 2 bonds - $15 million for SF building, $18 million for the Residence Hall. We are at 97% capacity for residence halls right now, last year we were at 105% capacity. Southwest hall also needs renovation/upgrading. Important to have a mix of price points to meet needs of a variety of students.
R. di Franco mentioned the high cost of Bon Appetit, and would like to know when the catering contract was going to be re-negotiated. The current contract was negotiated prior to President Eibeck's arrival and it is a long-term 11 year contract.
T. Nelson asked for an update on the leaf blower issue. This is a health, sound, noise, pollution issue, may be a sustainability committee issue. This is currently Shanna Eller's number 2 issue, behind recycling. Susan Giraldez suggests that council requests a collaboration between the Sustainability Committee and Shanna Eller, to obtain data and then have Council draft a letter to Pat Cavanaugh asking for a meeting to begin the conversation and start to solve this issue.

Medical Plan discussion - Pat Cavanaugh, VP Business & Finance and Jane Lewis, Assistant VP of Human Resources. Pat explained the process that led to the significantly increased premium for the Anthem Blue Cross POS. The university is trying to move from a model where it pays a specified percentage of the total premium for all 3 medical plans, to a model where the university still pays for the majority, but pays the same amount for the same level of service (Anthem Blue Cross POS and HMO). The difference in the cost of the two plans is then borne by the employee. The POS group of employees that selects the POS is a small number (258), out of over 2000 eligible employees. The cost to the university to pay the same percentage for both plans would be $500,000 for the 258 employees. The POS plan premium increased by 18% and therefore using the current model, the employees share increased dramatically. Due to this large increase, alternatives were reviewed by finance, cabinet, IPC, SAC, etc. Everyone agreed to continue as planned, but to have human resources send out a letter to the 258 employees informing them of the forthcoming significant increase. Pat did state that outside bids were solicited, but it was not cost effective to switch to a different company. Faculty would like it known that bids are solicited on a regular basis, or opting out of certain benefits, or merit increases to cover some of the high cost of the POS plan. Other option was a catastrophic plan with a high deductible a few years ago, but only 1 employee signed up. Faculty concerned about a lack of transparency and poor wording of the letter sent out. Also there is a disparity with faculty compensation. Central Valley has limitations versus being able to go outside to "centers of excellence."

B. Swagerty, representative on Faculty Compensation Committee (FCC), stated that 652 employees have Kaiser, 563 have Anthem HMO, and 258 have Anthem POS. December FCC will be meeting with Jane and going over health issues and the long-term health care plan. He would like the FCC to continue to have annual meetings with Human Resources to discuss health care issues.

Eric Sonstroem (guest) gave a faculty perspective as a POS subscriber: issue came as a surprise in the middle of the semester, this feels like a salary decrease, surprised being informed at the end of the process, not knowing how the decision was made, health care is a personal issue, quality of life issues in Stockton: poor medical care and education choices, incentivized to switch to a lower cost plan, letter should have been sent to everyone, not just current POS plan members. He would like there to be more of a dialogue.

9. WASC update - Brian Klunk
The rough draft has been taken apart and put back together, the team worked with inquiry teams and then 4 editors drafted the EER report that was just submitted to the provost's office. They will share with president and a few others as they prepare to share with the university steering committee, and then share with university community.
Highlights of Report: Visiting team and commission gave long list of recommendations, the first section of the report details how we responded. Main areas include governance and leadership, management processes and structure, strategic planning process, new budget system, faculty workload (Giraldez), student success (first and second year persistence and 6 year graduation rate), assessment and program review. They also spent time on our distinctive programs as they relate to the characteristics of our university. Conclude report with reflections and integration of work over last several years: adoption of university learning objectives 2 years ago, our professional development approach, and changes in program review and institutional effectiveness. Report expected to be submitted to WASC January 8th.

10. Report from Admissions - Rich Toledo
Snapshot of enrollment for all campuses: Report distributed, total enrollment numbers are stable this year. New freshman goal 925, actual 927; SAT 1177 up from 1161 last year-goal was 1170, will increase goal by 10 each year until it is 1200. International enrollment for freshmen nearly doubled, may continue to see this trend, number is 70. New transfer students -222 below our target of 250, but GPA increased to average of 3.17, next year goal will be 225 due to large 2010 freshman class. Graduate numbers are steady overall, down slightly, business applicants fell this year-issue will be investigated and addressed.
Issues raised by committee: Retention-provost Pallavicini has a slide presentation with data and will share the presentation with council. She will link to the Provost Newsletter as well.

Bill Swagerty moved to adjourn meeting, Xin Guo seconded, meeting adjourned at 5:05pm