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November 11, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
November 11, 1999
Pine Room - McCaffrey Center

1. The minutes of the October 14 meeting were approved.

2. Chair's Report: Chair Snell reported on his meetings with the Emeriti Society Executive Board and CIO Lynn Kubeck. Once the new DSC line is in place and security measures are implemented, improvements in IT should be on track. Chair Snell reported that Dick Etlinger, Conservatory of Music representative had resigned for personal reasons. Chair Snell concluded with a reflection on the positive and constructive manner in which Council had dealt with a difficult and controversial issue at the October meeting.

3. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson reported that the initial response to the WASC report from the WASC administrative review had been very positive. WASC administrators stated that they would likely use portions of the preliminary report in WASC workshops designed to prepare institutions for the review process. The Provost thanked Dean Purnell for her leadership as well as other faculty and staff who had been involved with preparation of the report.

The Provost thanked faculty and staff for their attention to Y2K matters but stated that some academic units had not yet completed work. The Provost reported that the UOP network will be shut down between December 26 and January 1 for a substantial upgrade to address current problems plaguing the systems efficiency. The Provost addressed the recent "hate crime" at Presentation Church and expressed willingness to work with the community to address this issue.

Several concerns were raised about the possible shutdown of the UOP network between December 26 and January 1. Chair Snell asked faculty to e-mail him with concerns. The Provost stated that the new DSC3 line would probably be operational in February or March of 2000.

4. Institutional Priorities Committee Report: Lydia Fox reported that IPC was currently reviewing budget request. SHe encouraged faculty to visit the IPC web site to review minutes and agendas for their meetings.

5. Vice President for Finance Pat Cavanaugh was introduced by Chair Snell. VP Cavanaugh reviewed the status of current and future facilities projects. The Art/Geosciences Project is at the building permit stage and should begin by December 1. The Callison Project should be completed by December 1. The University is considering a bond issue to support the construction of new residential facilities north of Brookside (250 - 300 beds) and the further renovation of existing residences. The remodel of South Hall for the Humanities Project has been reconsidered and the facility will be reconfigured to return to its original purpose as student residences. The remodeled student rooms will be air conditioned but lack the sinks which have been very popular with students in South Hall for many years. The Humanities Project will be incorporated with the Pacific Italian Alliance Cultural Center where the Z-building is currently located. Planning has begun for the renovation of the South Campus Science facility and to expand library capacity with storage area adjacent to the current facility. The Dental School is completing classroom upgrades and renovation of the Union City Clinic. Planning is continuing on a facility for Communicative Disorders, there clinic and a dental hygiene clinic near the School of Pharmacy and health Sciences.

The Vice President reviewed information from the most recent University audit and reported on the ongoing challenges in meeting the IT needs for the campus. He commented that the almost completed employee reclassification was much needed and will address both internal and external compensation inequities.

VP Cavanaugh reported that significant progress had been made during Part I of the Faculty Salary Plan but since other institutions had increased salaries at a higher rate than UOP we had not yet reached the goal of matching the 60th percentile in the Full Professor and Associate Professor ranks.

In response to a question from Roland diFranco, VP Cavanaugh reported that the University Facilities Committee had significant input in the development of the campus master plan but had not meet recently. They would be reviewing updated plans soon. In response to a question from Bob Cox, the Vice President reported that there had been discussion of moving pay increases from January to September but that because of the potential cost no action was proposed at this time. Herb Reinelt asked about revenues from the 1999 49er camp. The Vice President stated that first year revenues exceeded expectations but that this past summer expectations were not met for a number of reasons.

6. University Compensation Committee: Chair Snell called attention to the revised charge and Committee make-up for the propose University Compensation Committee. The proposal was approved by Council.

7. Open Forum (What's On Your Mind?) It was brought to the attention of Council that IT was not providing assistance with computer problems unless the machine was a Dell. The Provost stated that he would aske for clarification of their policy regarding non-Dell equipment. Gene Pearson asked for faculty nominations and self-nominations to serve on the National Panels. The Council was reminded that the ballot deadline on the Governance Document had been extended to November 30th.

8. There was a lengthy discussion of the Experiential Learning Opportunity Implementation Plan. Concerns were raised about the impact on department chairs, departmental programs, departmental control, the budget figures presented and whether at this time it was a top priority for University funding. After the discussion the Council approved the Proposal.

9. Five Year Calendar (was postponed until the December meeting)

10. Policy on Academic Freedom and Non-Discrimination (was postponed until the December meeting)

11. Budget Recommendations for IPC (was postponed until the December meeting)

12. The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:10pm