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November 11, 2010


Academic Council
Library Community Room
3:00 - 5:00pm

November 11, 2010

J. Post (p), S. Wheeler (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (p), P. Langham (p)
College: M. Bates, (p), S. Giraldez (p), C. Goff (p), M. Hatch (a), J. Lessard (p), J. Lu (p), P. Meyer (p), Cynthia Ostberg (p), G. Pearson (a), T. Storch (a), C. Vierra (p)
Dental: L. Giusti (p), D. Horlak (a), J. Miles (p)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: H. Estrada (a), C. Lee (a)
Law: G. Caplan (p), W. Jones (a), M. Vitiello (p)
Library: S. Sutton (p)
PHS: S. Carr-Lopez (p), W. Chan (p), T. Little (p), L. Norton (a), C. Peterson (a)
SIS: A. Kanna (p)
ASUOP: tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), P. Ferrillo (p), B. Gundersen (a), H. Trexler (p), L. Langley (a)
Observer:  D. McNiel (a)

Call to order: 3:04 pm

1. Approval of Minutes from October 14, 2010, M. Bates moved to approve, H. Arnold seconded, approved.

2. Chair's Report
Chair Giraldez and the executive board have been working on finding a date for the all faculty meeting. Faculty compensation and the structure of the committee will be an agenda item for the spring meeting. Because of the difficulty to finalize a date for all campuses, it was suggested to look into adding a date to the calendar where there can be a non-instructional day.

Please save the date of Wednesday, Dec 1st for the faculty/staff holiday reception in Grace Covell.
3. President’s Report
President Eibeck thanked all members of the Provost Search committee for their time and service. New Provost Maria Pallavicini will begin February 1st. From the President’s Town Hall meeting, President Eibeck addressed university priorities, Academic Enhancement, Finances, 3 City University, Core Identity and Regional Stewardship.

4. Provost Report
Provost Ferrillo thanked Susan and Chris for their leadership roles with Academic Council. The deans presented their budget request at COD. The budget was looked at collectively to strengthen our academic core. Programs, enrollment impacts and commitments for approved programs were looked at with priority. The impact on multiple budget years for approved programs will be looked at more closely. Provost Pallavicini will be briefed for input before finalizing the recommendations to budget.

At the monthly WASC meeting, essays one and four were presented. Provost Ferrillo thanked the faculty for their engagement in the essays and all the work that is being done. The report will be due next year, December 4th. Dr. Ferrillo will help with the transition for the new provost, including budget recommendations and the continuation of WASC.

5. What’s on your mind?
From the last faculty meeting, the question of making Pacific a non-smoking campus was addressed. There was interest into looking at the possibility.

There was a debrief meeting from the last honorary degree ceremony, so that such events can be planned appropriately and given adequate notice time.

6. Presidential Task Force Charges: Budget & Diversity
The charge for the Budget and Diversity task force was distributed. The Budget Task Force will recommend and assist with the implementation of an alternative budget allocation model for Pacific that incentivizes units for their contributions toward the academic and fiscal priorities of the University. The Diversity Task Force will engage in a comprehensive analysis of diversity and inclusive excellence at Pacific that will serve as the basis for a Diversity Strategic Plan with accompanying recommendations for policy, practice, structures, and resources. Council was asked to review and send Susan feedback. The executive board will collect and respond to it.

7.  Faculty Workload Issues
Chair Giraldez asked the Council for examples of workloads issues. Some included committee work, advising, teaching, email, WASC, site visits, the rise of participation of faculty in admissions, preview day, honors, profile day etc. It was suggested to have consultants or create a survey to quantify and analyze faculty work overload.

8. Handbook Revision: Provost Search Committee
Closed for Executive Session.

10. Adjourned.