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November 9, 2006

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of November 9, 2006
University of the Pacific
Community Conference Room, Library

Business: E. Typpo (p), N. Peery (p)
Conservatory: F. Rose (p), D. Ebbers (p)
College: M. Bates (a), K. Day (p), L. Fox (p), B. Klunk (p), D. Maxwell (a), A. Smith (a), L. Spreer (a), B. Swagerty (p), L. Koehler (p), C. Vierra (p), K. Whittington (a), X. Zhou (p)
Dental: R. Cohan (p), B. Lundergan (p), C. Lyon (p)
Education: R. Oprandy (p), L. Webster (p)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C.W. Lee (p), M. Shami (a)
Law: G. Harris (a), K. Yelpaala (a)
Library: C. Hsieh (p)
Pharmacy: S. Bellamy (p), Dave Fries (p), J. Livesey (p), M. Ravnan (p)
SIS: S. Sample (a)
Student: P. Mauriello (p), N. Tran (p)
Ex-Officio: C. Wilson (a), D. DaGrade (a), G. Pearson (a), P. Gilbertson (p), G. Jongeward (a), Mike McCallum (a), E. Wittrup (a), S. Wheeler (a), E. Thomas (a), L. Itaya (a), D. Abood (a), M. Canniff (a), T. McGettigan (p), C. Manolakas (a), S. Sample (p), R. Oprandy (a), T. Wrensch (a), Sandy Bellamy (p), J. Blankenship (a), H. Trexler (p)
Observer: J. Preisser (a), J. Purnell (p)
Guests: R. Cox (p), L. King (p), S. Merz (p), H. Trexler (p),

Chair Brian Klunk called the meeting to order.

1. Approval of Minutes
Motion: D. Fries moved, R. di Franco seconded to approve the minutes of October 12, 2006 with the following correction: Cohan and Lundergan (p), not (a). Motion unanimously approved.

Chair Klunk indicated that Item #7, Collaboration Vision Team Report by Dean Margee Ensign will be rescheduled for a future meeting.

2. Chair’s Report
Chair Klunk indicated that the resolution establishing the Technology and Education Committee has been corrected to reflect the actual number of schools to be represented on this committee and the Library and School of Business still need to submit their representatives.

An ad hoc committee is being established and will have a report on items called for by the Teacher Scholar Task Force by spring break. Professor Caroline Cox will chair the task force.

The search for a director for CTE is underway. Professors Larry Spreer and Marcia Hernandez have agreed to serve on the search committee.

Assistant Provost Rob Brodnick requested faculty members to assist with the Program Review process. Professors John Livesey, Brian Weick and Katie Golsan have agreed to serve on this project.

The Information Strategy and Policy Committee has been established. The Committee has begun to examine a set of priorities as well as a variety of policies.

Chair Klunk reminded Council members of the Gary Wills lecture this evening.

Professor Peery noted that in the past, the Academic Affairs Committee had a role in Program Review and suggested that they have representation on the new process. Chair Klunk indicated that this would be appropriate and suggested that Professor Peery contact Assistant Provost Rob Brodnick about this matter.

3. Provost’s Report
Provost Gilbertson expressed appreciation for the faculty’s participation in Preview Day and noted that another Preview Day will be held on Saturday, November 11th. The attendance at the Preview Day in October was down; however the registration for November 11 event is record-setting.

4. Judicial Review Board
Chair Klunk advised that there is a vacancy on this Board and Professor Michael Elium has expressed an interest to serve on the Board. PRC nominates, AC approves, and the Vice President for Student Life formally makes the appointment.
Motion: N. Peery moved, L. Fox seconded to approve the nomination of Michael Elium to the Judicial Review Board. Motion unanimously carried.

5. Athletic Department
Athletic Director Lynn King distributed the Athletic Department’s Mission Statements as well as information on intercollegiate athletics, support services, facilities and events. He gave an overview of athletic events for the past year which included a review of the NCAA certification process. A review is conducted every ten years; the interim review was done in 2002. It identifies areas that need improvement with a plan toward improvement of these areas. A complete reorganization of the Department was done: external relations, annual fundraising, finance and compliance. Renovations have been made on the tennis clubhouse and swimming pool with renovation begun in the Spanos Center. Every four years the Department bids with the NCAA to host the second round of NCAA basketball at Arco Arena and the University will host for a third time in 2007. The revenue generated from this event helps fund the Department’s computer needs over a four-year period. The NCAA womens’ basketball will host a tournament here in 2010.

Professor Oprandy noted that the Stockton area has the best opportunities for rowing events and encouraged the Athletic Department to consider this sport within their programs. Director King responded that this has been discussed in the past and will eventually become a sport for review.

Director King noted the following from the review team: there are no issues in the area of governance, polices and procedures manual needs to be updated, no issues in equity for student athlete welfare, need to improve minority/diversity planning/training and hiring, encourage gender equity on the Athletic Advisory Board. The final report is due December 15, 2006.

In answer to a question on gender equity of men vs. women and salaries, Director King explained that in the past, the Athletic Department was never on a salary plan, but one was established over the summer. A brief discussion followed regarding the hiring process of female coaches and the reasons why they declined various offers of employment.

6. Mathematics Department Program Review
Professor Peery briefly reviewed the Program Review Report for the Mathematics Department and indicated that the Academic Affairs Committee strongly endorses the Report.
Motion by L. Fox, D. Fries seconded that Academic Council endorses the Program Review Report and recommendations for the Department of Mathematics. Motion carried unanimously.

Under the question, discussion followed on the number of courses taught and the need for full-time faculty vs. part-time/adjunct faculty.

7. Provost’s IPC Requests
Provost Gilbertson reviewed the Academic Division FY 08 IPC Planning/Budget Priorities. Council members discussed the recommendations.

Chair Klunk stated that the Executive Board will continue to review and work with the Provost on the priorities and asked Council members to submit any concerns or requests. No action required.

8. Adjournment
Motion by B. Swagerty, F. Rose seconded to adjourn the meeting. Motion carried unanimously.

Chair Klunk adjourned the meeting at 5:03 p.m.