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October 10, 2013

Academic Council Meeting
Library Community Room
3:00-5:00 pm


Business: J. Post (p), S. Walchli (p)
Conservatory: F. Hsiao (a), B. Phillips (a)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Burmeister (p), C. Dobbs (p), B. Herrin (a), K. Holland (p), C. Lehmann (p), M. Normand (p), A. Smith (p), C. Snell (p), B. Swagerty (a), L. Wrischnik (p)
Dental: F. Fendler (p), A. Nattestad (a), R. White (a)
Education: H. Arnold (p), T. Nelson (a), L. Webster (a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: L. Lee (p), C. Mathews (p)
Law: L. Carter (a), F. Galves (p), W. Jones (p)
Library: R. Imhof (p)
PHS: L. Boles (p), S. Carr-Lopez (p), J. Ward-Lonergan (p), C. Wilson (p)
SIS: A. Richard (p)
ASUOP: tbd, tbd
Ex-Officio: P. Eibeck (p), M. Pallavicini (p), D. Neault (p), J. Ren (p)
Observers: B. Gundersen (a), J. Lohr (p)
Guests: P. Meyer, M. Park

Call to Order @ 3:00 pm

I. Consent Agenda
A. September 12, 2013 Minutes

II. Reports

A. Chairperson's Report - Marlin Bates
Report on Regent's Meeting held October 3-4, 2013: Faculty titles were approved and adopted and will be addressed later in this meeting. A reminder that the All Faculty Meeting will be next Wednesday, October 16th from 2:30-3:30 in Grace Covell Hall. We are accepting questions in advance that will be answered at the meeting. Questions can be submitted by October 15th and can be sent to The meeting will be recorded for future viewing behind insidePacific. This meeting requires active engagement from the faculty prior to the meeting. An issue was raised with the time of the meeting being during teaching time for faculty. Next year the President and the chair of AC will work together on setting a more conducive time for faculty.

The Executive Board still needs one professional school representative. Warren Jones has agreed to serve and the Council voted to approve. The Strategic Planning Committee charge is on today's agenda to be voted on. The current task force has a vacancy and in an executive board session Sian Carr-Lopez - PHS was selected to represent faculty only until the permanent committee is constituted. This is a short-time appointment due to Caroline Cox's medical leave. As a member of the AC Executive Board, Sian will be able to provide information directly to Academic Council.

The Honor Code section of the Faculty Handbook section 11.24 has not been updated since 1958. The chair inquired if the AC would like to explore the procedure for updating this section of the handbook. The AC expressed interest in doing this. The Executive Board will determine the procedure for the AC's approval.

An Order of Pacific issue was raised last year and Marlin met with the president to discuss the procedure for the award. An agreement has been reached on the procedure for this year and the future. The President will be following the handbook explicitly, but she will meet with the University Awards Committee, and any changes will be brought forward via this committee. A call for nominations memo has been distributed with information about the nomination procedure for this award.

B. President's Report - Pamela Eibeck
Welcome back to the faculty and apologies for missing the first meeting last month. A sincere thank you for taking the time to prepare the academic program reports. She provided a brief overview of why we are going through the review process, and will make formal remarks on this topic next Wednesday at the Address to the Faculty, where the Provost will also be available to answer specific questions.

We are looking at ourselves because our students, their circumstances and expectations are changing. The cost has increased and students and parents are questioning the value of a college education. Students are expecting excellence and a strong reputation in what they are studying, lifetime benefits, cost containment, with goals achieved upon graduation. We need to look at all of our activities and ensure that our programs are excellent and that we are spending student tuition wisely. We can't be everything to everybody, so we have to determine how to focus so we can have the largest impact. There is a lot of anxiety about losing our identity. We will continue to have a strong liberal arts program as well as professional programs, with a commitment to a superior student centered education. Reviewing our programs will ensure our success.

Reviews will continue in the future, with annual reports and six year comprehensive reviews. We must ensure that our education is worth the price that is charged.

The Administrative Review recommendations will be released today. The PAC + team did an excellent job of reviewing the reports and making recommendations. The results include: the Men's volleyball team will transition from a Division I men's sport to a club sport this summer. The WCC doesn't include men's volleyball, this was a difficult but necessary decision. Student Life will be eliminating Rowing (club sport), the MOVE program will become optional and self-supporting. We will not use tuition to fund this program. Another recommendation was to reduce the growth of our tuition remission benefit. It has been growing at a rate of 17%-20% per year. A committee will be formed to determine changes, but these changes will not impact current employees, only those hired after July 1, 2014.

On Monday there will be an announcement regarding a retirement incentive program for tenured faculty. She has asked Bett Schumacher to reach out to the individual schools/colleges to schedule individual meetings if desired.

C. Provost's Report - Maria Pallavicini
Report on Regent's Meeting: The regents approved the BS in Health, Exercise and Sport Sciences and the dissolution of the PhD in Educational Psychology. At the January meeting, they will review the MA in Food Studies and the Doctor of Audiology programs. She shared the three year data on faculty compensation, the process of tenure, and the types of faculty titles at Pacific. There was no approval, only sharing of information on the demographics of our faculty. Academic Planning and Alignment was also discussed.

There have been extensions to the due dates for the Academic Planning timelines for reports that are being prepared for the deans. Regarding program scoring: they are no longer scoring the entire program. This is the result of listening to the various units and determining that this would not be as helpful compared to the angst it was causing the units. However, they will be scoring the nine criteria on a scale of 1-5. The information can be found at the Focusing on Our Future webpage, with FAQ's posted. Syd Jenefski, Mike Rogers, Berit Gundersen and the Provost will be offering training and Q&A sessions for the report writers. Training has also begun for the administrative units that are in the academic units. They have separate criteria. Centers and Institutes, dean's offices and co-curricular programs will be reviewed using administrative criteria. Any questions can be sent directly to the Provost or to Berit Gundersen.

There have been concerns raised about the data. Not all data is perfect at the outset, but there is an opportunity to raise the questions and to explain differences in the written report.

In a couple of weeks a report is expected from Academic Affairs and Student Life focusing on Career and Academic Advising (Lou Matz and Joanna Royce Davis). Lou is also working on revising the Honors Program.

She just received a letter with the dates for Pacific's next review from our WASC liaison. The letter from June 2012 stated that our accreditation is reaffirmed for a period of seven years. On March 15, 2015 an Interim Report is due. The EER report is due fall 2018 and the site visit is scheduled for spring 2019. The next Commission action is due June 2019.

III. Action Items
A. FHB Addition 6.3.11 Strategic Planning Committee
Last year AC voted to institute a formalized committee and extend the current committee status/membership to give us time to get the charge/constitution of the committee in place. The charge has not changed, but the membership has been revised. The student representation was reduced from two to one - either graduate or undergraduate. There will be four staff members and seven faculty members: one from the SF campus, one from the Sacramento campus and five from the Stockton campus with two elected by the faculty and three appointed by the executive board of academic council. After this is approved by academic council and the president, we will have to hold a special election to formally constitute this important committee. COP Council questioned the fact there is not specific unit faculty representation on this committee. This is correct, per discussions with administration; they wanted the focus to be on ‘big' thinkers on the university as a whole and not unit representatives. Balancing the slate is the reason that some faculty members are appointed and some are elected.

H. Arnold moves to approve the SPC charge, S. Carr-Lopez seconds, motion passes.

The deadline to accept nominations for this committee is October 23, 2013.

When to hold special election, assuming president approves. The next Council of Deans meeting is in November.

H. Arnold moves for an October 23rd nomination deadline, second by C. Lehmann, motion passes.

B. PRC: Promotion & Tenure Guidelines - Deborah Horlak, Chair of PRC
These guidelines have been vetted by the P&T Committee, PRC, Office of the Provost, University Attorney, and returned to PRC. Deborah reviewed some of the changes that they want input from the AC.
Page 3 - External Reviewers - Concern about keeping confidentiality intact.
Page 3 - Composition of Committee, third sentence ‘No school, other than COP, may have consecutive representation" could be deleted as it is redundant and unnecessary with the revision to the committee membership.
Page 6 - last paragraph, first sentence - it can be removed, ‘Citizenship is not identical to collegiality.'
Page 8 - the criteria has been reworded and extra language eliminated.
Page 16 - correct numeration of final section 7.5.5.h should be 7.5.5.k. Confidentiality of Evaluation of Faculty - this section is new and was added because of the concerns over confidentiality with members of the P&T Committee.

Discussion on 7.5.5.k - Confidentiality issue, would this section prevent committee members from participating in the administrative grievance process if they were called as a witness to a hearing? This item was included to explicitly state the importance and the requirement for confidentiality of the P&T committee members. There was a concern raised from prior P&T members that meeting discussions and deliberations were being shared outside of the committee. The AC concern is that if a faculty member is denied tenure and they file a grievance, this section should not prevent participation in this administrative process. The provost explained that the P&T process is based on written evidence and meetings are not recorded. This section will be pulled from the document to ensure that it is compliant with administrative and legal regulations.

The provost stated that the faculty grievance procedures are also in process of being revised and should be compared with this section for compliance and compatibility.

R. diFranco moves to approve with the exception of section 7.5.5.k, W. Jones, seconds, after discussion, this motion is withdrawn.

Section 7.5.5.k will be returned to PRC for further evaluation to be reviewed in conjunction with the Grievance Procedure Revisions.

Motion to extend discussion by 5 minutes by C. Dobbs

If passed, this will be effective for academic year 2014-15.

Discussion on what constitutes a vote and clearly explaining that each faculty member only has one vote per candidate, whether they are on the review committee, unit vote, or P&T committee vote.

Amendment, page 13, Remove The report should clearly indicate whether committee members voted at the committee level or with unit faculty.....replace with A recommendation from the committee does not constitute a vote.

Chris Snell moves for this amendment, H. Arnold seconds. Amendment vote: carries.

Roland diFranco moves to approve the document as amended with the exclusion of 7.5.5.k, H. Arnold seconds. Motion passes, unanimous.

All changes follow:
Remove Page 3 sentence - Composition of Committee, third sentence ‘No school, other than COP, may have consecutive representation" could be deleted as it is redundant and unnecessary with the revision to the committee membership.
Remove ‘collegiality' sentence from page 6.
Page 13 - Replace second to last sentence in first paragraph with "A recommendation from the committee does not constitute a vote." And remove the word "the" in the prior sentence before ‘whether.'

Discussion on whether or not who can vote - tenured faculty, is defined in this section. It is not in the 7.5 revisions, but the definition and clarification of who can vote is in 7.4.3 Faculty And Department Chair Recommendations, but it is not included here today because this section is not being revised.

C. FHB Revision 12.3 Course Syllabus
Miki Park, Chair of Graduate Studies Committee presenting: This item was tabled last spring. These revisions to the requirements for the Graduate Syllabi have been developed to achieve consistency with the undergraduate syllabi and will be effective fall 2014. The 13 items are required to be on all syllabi, but the template is not required, it is a recommendation.

Feilin Hsiao moves to approve, C. Snell seconds, motion passes with one no vote.

D. FHB Revision 12.17 Graduate Credit as Undergraduate
Miki Park, Chair of Graduate Studies Committee presenting: This item was also tabled last spring. This change allows undergraduate courses to be counted as graduate courses in the last two semesters, not just the final semester. Rationale is that some courses are only offered once a year.

Harriet Arnold moves to approve, C. Dobbs seconds, motion passes.

IV. Information Items
A. IPC Update - P. Meyer
He will share what he can as some items are confidential. The role of IPC is to advise President Eibeck on strategic planning and budgeting. Most recent meeting report: The reallocation will be 6% by academic units, and 7% by non-academic units, information presented on the Powell Gift of about $120 million dollars, where the university will get proceeds from interest on the $120 million. The focus this year for the committee will be on course fees, the strategic investment fund, tuition remission, IT and emeritus health care. The financial situation at McGeorge is confidential, but he can report that the law school will be reducing their contribution back to the Stockton campus and have made major changes to staff/faculty. Course fees - the provost feels these should be reduced or eliminated and rolled into tuition as these fees are not covered by financial aid, and it makes planning for families difficult. A committee will look into this issue. The tuition remission policy is being reviewed as well, as the president stated in her report. As an economist, is it really a cost? It's an equitable benefit to all employees, tax exempt, helps large families and promotes education for our children. More students are taking advantage of this benefit. The university is receiving 10% tuition versus not getting 90%. A committee will review and discuss, look at the practices at other institutions. There are many options to consider, but it will probably not affect current employees. The tuition exchange program is not being reviewed, only the tuition remission policy. They approved the hire of an Ombudsperson with a $40k-$50k salary as a part-time internal position.

At their next meeting, they will discuss the Budget Task Force and SPC recommendations.

The Budget Task Force will present at our November meeting.

B. Pacific Brand Promise [Rich Rojo - 5 minutes] - Tabled

C. SPC Strategic Investment Fund Process & Procedures [5 minutes] - Tabled

V. Executive Session - Reprioritization & Reallocation
The Academic Council entered into Executive Session.

Regular Meeting adjourned at 5:05