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October 11, 2001

University of the Pacific - Stockton Campus
Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of October 11, 2001

T. Brierton (a), N. Peery ( p)
Conservatory: D. Brock (p), J. DeHaan (a), N. Waldvogel (p)
COP: B. Beal (p), M. Kelly (p), C. Kramer (p), R. Lutz (p), C. Ostberg (a), M. Sharp (p), L. Spreer (p), D. Tedards (p), W. Zimmermann (p)
Dental: D. Castagna (a), R. Cohan (p), J. Cohen (a), J. Levy (a)
Education: M. Draheim (p), Phyllis Hensley (p)
Engineering: D. Besch (p), G. Litton (a)
Law: W. Jones (p), C. Manolakas (a), G. Scully (p)
Library: T. Calvo (p), R. Ray (p)
Pharmacy: R. Abood (a), D. Fries (p), S. Smith-Stubblefield (p)
SIS: E. Savelieva (p)
Emeriti: G. Blum (p)
Students: A. Hudson (p), J. Farrell (p)
Ex-Officio: S. Blalock (a), R. Brittin (a), R. Childs (a), A. Freedman (p), P. Gilbertson (p), K. Hughes (a), L. Knight (a), J. Livesey (a), J. Mansoor (a), H. Mayne (a), F. Muskel (a), D. Parker (a), J. Purnell (p), S. Scully (a), D. Smith (a), L. Webster (a), B. Weick (a), B. West (a)
Guests: Jon Frame, Neolle Quattrin, Julie Sina, Bob Benedetti, Ken Beauchamp

Chair Ron Ray called the Meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes

Motion: Dave Fries moved, Marisa Kelly seconded to approve the minutes of September 13, 2001. Motion unanimously passed.

2. Chair's Report: Ron Ray

Chair Ray noted that items 6 and 9 on the agenda would be switched to eliminate a time conflict. Chair Ray welcomed Cindy Ostberg as a new member and stated that due to her teaching schedule, she will miss most meetings this Fall. Chair Ray brought Council’s attention to a “Binder Sign Up Sheet” and stated that only the individuals who sign up will receive a binder for their Academic Council material. Chair Ray stated that an All-Faculty Ballot went out to the faculty with the wrong PRC description. Chair Ray requested Council members to encourage their colleagues to turn in their ballots by the deadline.

3. Provost’s Report:

Provost Gilbertson commented on the following: 1) the Regents meeting today and tomorrow; 2) rise in enrollment and academic profile (SAT); 3) Cabinet discussion on marketing plan. Firms will be interviewed in November on their proposals for “branding” the University. Best single marketing tool is the free coverage received by the US News & World Report, 2002 Edition that ranked UOP 31st among national universities in “best value” (financial support and academic quality). Provost Gilbertson encouraged Council members to point out this information to prospective students as one measure of quality; 4) Law dean search – two candidates will visit campuses next week with additional candidates brought in at a later date; 5) Handbook – Provost Gilbertson stated that he is pleased with faculty action on Handbook revisions and thanked the committee for their work. There were some concerns brought out of the September 25th meeting in the Promotion and Tenure section and the misconduct section of chapter 7. Chair Ray informed Council that action on Chapter 7 would take place at the November meeting.

4. IPC Report

David Brock stated that IPC is currently working on the following: 1) obtaining a log of University projects from Pat Cavanaugh’s office; 2) reviewing program review recommendations made to the President and how they will effect the budget; 3) reviewing a report from Jean Purnell on assessment to see how it effects governance, strategy and funding. David Brock encouraged members to visit the IPC website at and e-mail any member of IPC with questions.

5. ITPC Report

Marisa Kelly stated that the new ITPC is currently meeting every other week and is working on the following items: 1) confirmed the term of memberships for faculty representative (handout available); 2) the follow up on web policy committee which will be an ad hoc sub-committee of ITPC charged with establishing policies to effect web appearance. ITPC will vote officially when the description is ready and members are selected; 3) taking a look at the IT policies. Due to legal issues and the rewrites made by the new CIO to change the tone of the documents, it has not gone to Cabinet for approval. Please forward all comments to CIO, Larry Frederick; 4) access to WordPerfect, which is an immediate directive given to John Livesey to either purchase two copies for use by faculty or offer CTS conversion help; 5) potential purchase of equipment for classrooms. John Livesey will come to ITPC with formal recommendations; 6) major agenda item is developing a strategic plan for IT including laptops for all students. Question was raised concerning making WordPerfect more useful to faculty. Marisa Kelly replied that Corel bought out WordPerfect and has made this program to expensive to use.

6. Program Review Report, Psychology Dept.

Dean Bob Benedetti expressed his appreciation to the panel and stated that he supports the recommendations that Academic Affairs has made. Academic Affairs Chair, Roy Childs stated that this is the second review panel for psychology and credited the department for forming the second panel when they were not satisfied with the first review. Psychology runs a tight ship with limited resources and still accomplish a lot. Academic Affairs Chair, Roy Childs then reviewed the recommendations outlined in his memo to Academic Council including: 1) allocating one additional faculty position; 2) facilities; 3) replacing or updating the computing equipment; 4) workload distribution and governance involvement. Chair Roy Childs noted that the fourth recommendation was “replaced” not “rejected” as stated in the memo. Motion: Larry Spreer moved, Becky Beal seconded to accept the Academic Affairs Program Review Recommendations for the Department of Psychology. Discussion followed regarding the request for additional faculty. Chair Roy Childs stated that the student input reinforced this recommendation because there are areas of psychology that are not available. Provost Gilbertson stated that the focus is on behavioral psychology and the excellence is its disciplined focus. Professor Tony Kulisch stated that the input from the consultants was to maintain their primary focus but expose at the undergraduate level a broader range of psychology theory. Provost Gilbertson will look at the FTE of faculty. Motion unanimously passed.

7. A Conversation with VP, Student Life, Julie Sina

Vice President Sina thanked Council for the invitation and gave a brief background of her experience. Vice President Sina has been in this field of work for 20 years including time at the University of Florida and Virginia Tech as Director of School & Associate Dean of Students. Vice President Sina handed out an organizational chart for the division of Student Life and went over goals outlined in the handout including 1) student involvement 2) student wellness 3) on-campus living 4) student leadership and 5) assessment. Vice President Sina stated that it is important to have a strong relationship with faculty and this will be accomplished by expanding the walls of our offices and having a strong presence on campus. Vice President Sina is in the process of forming four task forces to rewrite the student handbook with each group focusing on different subjects including honor code, Student Life policies and sexual assault. Council commended Vice President Sina on the implementation of road trips around Northern California. Council inquired whom to contact in Student Life in the case of date rape or other serious matters. Vice President Sina stated that for now those calls should come directly to her office. A post card will be distributed with reference numbers and crisis response protocol. Council also expressed a concern with courses taking up a student’s lunch and dinner times, which causes the student to be constantly on the go with no time for interaction with other students. Vice President Sina will look into this matter.

8. A Conversation with Greek Council Co-Presidents, Jon Frame & Noelle Quattrin

Co-President Noelle Quattrin thanked Council for the invitation and stated that there are six major aspects to cover today, which are outlined on a handout. Co-President Quattrin went over the first three including 1) Scholarships – The Greek GPA is always slightly above the all campus GPA. This program includes study hours with active grade checks to keep grades up and recognition of achievements including dress dinners for socializing. To participate, students must have a 2.20 GPA and have completed twelve semester hours; 2) Philanthropy – community service, three chapters raised over $10,000.00 for their spring and fall activities. Total campus involvement in “Dance for a Chance” which is 18 hours of dance and fun; 3) Educational Programming – mandatory attendance at each workshop held once a month during their meeting. Co-President Jon Frame discussed the last three topics including; 4) Leadership Opportunities – there is a lot to do on campus and Greek is the best way to voice and hear opinions; bring students together; and open doors. The Western Regional Greek Conference in San Francisco has workshops on major topics focused on goals to strive for. Area Coordinators positions are held by UOP Greek students, which is a leadership position to help learn the business aspect of the organization; 5) Social Functions – this includes scholarship dinners with faculty, dress dinners, Welcome Back Block Party to help freshman move in. It is the Greeks hope that the university does not think all they do is party; 6) Goals – these include a) improving communication and interaction with faculty; b) they have formed an athletic committee with one member from each house to be informants and motivate attendance at sporting events; c) work with Greek and UOP alumni to develop and improve interaction; d) have meeting to strengthen recruitment numbers and find new ways to incorporate new people in the system; e) maintain high Greek GPA. Co-Presidents’ Quattrin and Frame requested suggestion, comments and questions from Council. Co-President Frame stated that Greek is trying to get on a good track with the help of Julie Sina. They are aware that most faculty see only the bad about Greek and assured Council that Greek promote self respect and will work to change the bad views by learning and listening to faculty feedback. Council stated that including non-Greek students is important to develop community. Co-President Frame stated that they are taking steps to do this but it is a touchy subject with tradition. Council suggested inviting faculty to other things then formal dinners like an informal topic discussion. Discussion followed involving the number of off campus Greek’s being 5 to 10 percent and the expense being as minimal as $250.00 a year. The Co-Presidents can be reached at and with further comments.

9. Faculty Handbook, Chapter 9, Sections 1 and 3

Chair Ray informed Council that this is a review and no action will occur until the November meeting. The following suggestions were made 1) 9.1.1, number 1, include “performances/scholarly” with “papers”. 2) 9.3.1, second paragraph, it is not clearly stated that five years of active service begins at the conclusion of leave. Chair Ray will take this to PRC for revisions that reflect current guidelines and practice.

10. What Is On Your Mind?

Due to time constraints, this item will be covered at the next meeting.

11. Other Business

Motion: Marisa Kelly moved, Richard Abood seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion unanimously passed. Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denia Leach, Academic Council Secretary