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October 12, 2000

Meeting Summary
October 12, 2000

1. The minutes of the September 14, 2000 meeting were approved.

2. Chair's Report: Chair Kelly distributed a table prepared by the Professional Relations Committee concerning the membership, terms of office and method of election for University Committees. PRC has requested that any corrections should be sent to Denia Leach in the Provost's Office. Chair Kelly asked for feedback regarding a Faculty Club for the campus, an issue that remains an interest of the Emeriti faculty with whom she recently spoke.

3. Provost's Report:

  1. Provost Gilbertson described preliminary planning for an Academic Information Technology Taskforce II. Professor di Franco asked whether or not membership would overlap with the existing Academic Computing and Information Technology Committee and the University Information Technology Policy Committee and the Provost indicated that it would, and therefore would draw on planning work of those two committees in proposing IT priorities for the next two years.
  2. The Provost described the most recent plan to alleviate the ongoing problems of campus connectivity to the Internet. The University is currently in contract negotiations with two large communication corporations: one for fiber connection and one for wireless.
  3. The Provost reviewed the University's rankings in the U.S. News and World Report and also Newsweek's Kaplan College Guidebook. The Kaplan survey of high school counselors listed UOP as one of ten "hidden treasure" universities nationally and rated UOP highly in several national and regional categories. The Provost reported that UOP is near the top of the third tier of national universities in the U.S. News and World Report annual ratings of selected colleges and universities. He explained that the University has chosen to remain classified as a national rather than a regional university at this time, given the promise of moving into the second tier of national universities.
  4. The Provost distributed a document summarizing the Final Report on Phase One of the Faculty Salary Plan.

4. IPC Report: David Brock reported on current activities of the Institutional Priorities Committee.

5. What's On Your Mind? Chris Snell asked a question regarding the relationship between the University and the Methodist church, especially with regards to the Methodist Bishop Scholarships. Do they only go to students of Methodist persuasion? If the money for these scholarships comes from the University and not the Methodist church, are we discriminating against people based on religion?

6. Budget Recommendations for IPC: A proposed Budget Recommendation for FY 2002 prepared by the Executive Board was distributed. The document listed six items in priority order. After discussion of how Program Review recommendations which have been approved by the Provost and President are implemented the Council approved the following six budget priorities in the following rank order: 1) Program Review decisions; 2) improvements to existing academic facilities/increase the number of smart classrooms; 3) departmental operating budgets; 4) faculty salaries; 5) experiential learning opportunities; 6) academic computing (pending ACITC and Academic Council consideration of spending priorities.)

7. Information Security Policies: The Introduction and Policies #3 and #5 were approved by the Council.

8. Academic Facilities Committee Proposal: A description of the charge and membership of the proposed Academic Facilities Improvement Committee, a joint administration faculty committee, was distributed. The document was approved with the changes recommended by the Executive Board (three instead of two faculty; three year rather than two year terms; a mandate that the chair have faculty standing).

9. Handbook Policies: The Council formally commended Roland diFranco for his tireless and exceptionally fine work on the University handbook. Sections 1.2, 1.3 and 5.1 were presented and discussed. The Council approved Section 5.1 history of the Academic Council and thanked Herb Reinelt for his work on this section. The Council approved in concept Section 1.2 History of the University with a request for some modifications particularly the role of the Methodist Church in the University's history. Section 1.3 Histories of the Schools and Colleges was tabled.

10. Update on the Experiential Learning Opportunities Committee: Bob Cox, Chair of ELOC updated the Council on the work of the Committee. He stated that so far 10 units/programs have formal courses in place for the program. Risk Management Issues and insurance for students at experiential learning sites off campus were being considered at this time.

11. Other Business: The meeting was adjourned by Chair Kelly at 5:00 pm.