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October 12, 2006

Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of October 12, 2006
University of the Pacific
Community Conference Room, Library

Business: E. Typpo (a), N. Peery (p)
Conservatory: F. Rose (p), D. Ebbers (p)
College: M. Bates (p), K. Day (p), L. Fox (p), B. Klunk (p), D. Maxwell (p), A. Smith (a),
B. Swagerty (a), L. Koehler (p), C. Vierra (a), K. Whittington (p), X. Zhou (a)
Dental: R. Cohan (a), B. Lundergan (a), C. Lyon (p)
Education: R. Oprandy (p), L. Webster (a)
Emeriti: R. di Franco (p)
Engineering: C.W. Lee (p), M. Shami (p)
Law: G. Harris (p), K. Yelpaala (a)
Library: C. Hsieh (a)
Pharmacy: S. Bellamy (p), Dave Fries (p), J. Livesey (p), M. Ravnan (a)
SIS: S. Sample (p)
Student: P. Mauriello (p), N. Tran (p)
Ex-Officio: R. Rahimian (a), D. DaGrade (a), G. Pearson (a), P. Gilbertson (p), G. Jongeward (a), Mike McCallum (a), E. Wittrup (a), S. Wheeler (a), E. Thomas (a), L. Itaya (a), D. Abood (a), M. Canniff (a), T. McGettigan (a), C. Manolakas (a), S. Sample (p), R. Oprandy (p), T. Wrensch (a), Sandy Bellamy (p), J. Blankenship (a), H. Trexler (a)
Observer: D. DeRosa (p) J. Preisser (a), J. Purnell (p)
Guests: D. DeRosa (p), Bigler (p)

Chair Brian Klunk called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.

1. Approval of Minutes
Motion: K. Day moved, F. Rose seconded to approve the minutes of September 14, 2006 meeting. Motion unanimously approved.

2. Welcome President Donald DeRosa
Chair Brian Klunk welcomed Donald DeRosa. President DeRosa thanked members of the Academic Council for inviting him to speak at today’s meeting.

President DeRosa explained to the council that he would like to give an overview regarding the progress of the University and then would accept questions and comments. President DeRosa informed the committee that he felt that the University has started off a very good year overall. He informed the council that the Law and Dental Schools both opened as usual to an excellent class of highly qualified students entering. He reminded the committee that the Dental School is under the leadership of a new Dean who is engaging in a very outstanding fashion. Dean Ferrillo is utilizing the talents of Dean Dugoni, who is now on sabbatical although he is still very involved in guiding the new Dean into all of the important aspects of the Dental School. President DeRosa shared that the Law School is also off to a terrific start. He informed the Council that the quality of the students at the Law School continues to increase.

With regard to the Stockton campus, President DeRosa shared that overall it is also doing very well. The Pharmacy School has another great year with recruiting very qualified students. He informed the committee that the rest of the Stockton campus did see a little decrease in freshman applicants, just a little under 5000. He feels that the University if off to a great start and is happy to be able to announce a campaign that is going to be successful even a year a head of schedule. He shared that he has tried not to let folks believe that we have reached the finish line so that people begin to coast. If anything he would like them to think that there is another sixteenth of a mile to go so it is time to sprint. He shared that his goal would be to see if we could get to $240 million before we finish this campaign. He advised the Council that he will devoting a lot of his energy and time to this endeavor. In addition, he shared how grand it was to see the groundbreaking as two new facilities get underway. He informed the Council that the board has met and elected 5 new outstanding board members. The five new board members will also be announced publicly in the near future. The new board members are Sig Abelson, Barry Ruhl, Diane Miller, Craig Nelson and Walter Robb. President DeRosa informed the Council that at a recent board meeting the members shared some concerns with regard to the drop in freshman applicants this year. President DeRosa informed the Council that he reassured the board that he has a ten point plan to deal with the concern. President DeRosa expects the drop in number of freshman applicants to turn around very rapidly. President DeRosa also informed the council that the board is very excited about the ongoing planning process and university development. President DeRosa answered questions that the Academic Council members posed to him.

Brian Klunk thanked President DeRosa for speaking to the Academic Council today.

3. Chair’s Report
Chair Klunk welcomed new and off campus members; Dan Ebbers of the Conservatory, George Harris from McGeorge Law School, Bill Lundergan from Dugoni School of Denistry, Natalie Tran, representative for ASUOP and Wendy Conley, Academic Council Secretary.

Brian Klunk reported on the Regents meeting that he and Lydia Fox attended. He informed the council that the Regents are very enthusiastic about the Collaboration Vision Team initiative. Brian Klunk informed the council that beginning with today’s agenda and carrying through the rest of the year will be an agenda item called the CVT (Collaboration Vision Team) report of the month. He announced that Gene Bigler is present at today’s meeting to give a CVT report on The Pacific Inter-American Initiative that was presented October 4, 2006 to the Regents. Brian shared that one of the highlights of the Regents meeting was a presentation made by Pat Cavanaugh, Vice-President for Finance and Business, at the Finance Committee. He informed the council that in addition to the normal line item budget, Pat did a projection for the next two fiscal years about budget priorities to give the Regents a sort of thumbnail about the kinds of budget commitments that will be necessary to carry forward on the commitment that we are developing through the planning process. Brian shared what especially impressed him was how engaged a number of the Regents were with this sort of commitment that will be necessary for us to continue to recruit and retain the quality faculty that will be necessary to make good on the planning in Pacific Rising.

Brian reported that a number of the Regents will be term limited out at the end of this academic year and among them will be Bob Monagan. Brian further informed the council that over the next couple of months Academic Council will be talking about an appropriate tribute to Regent Monagan who has played an absolutely pivotal role in the history of the university.

Brian informed the council that the search for an executive director of Marketing and University Relations has been extended and a search firm as been engaged to help us identify candidates. Brian shared that there are a number of initiatives underway in terms of Marketing, especially enlisting qualified faculty as informants for the media. The university has hired a consultant by the name of Randall Kennedy who is working with us on a national basis to get the faculty and the administrators from the university appearing in the media. Brian informed the council that a couple of weeks ago, Dean Lynn Beck appeared in a Washington Post article which was engineered by Mr. Kennedy. Brian advised the council that members of the executive board along with other members of the faculty had the opportunity to have lunch with Randall Kennedy while he was on campus so that he could get better acquainted with the faculty.

Brian informed the council that the executive board toward the end of September met with the visiting team from the NCAA that were here to investigate the university’s athletic programs since we are up for recertification. The executive board met with the chair of NCAA who questioned pretty thoroughly. Brian shared that the issues that took up most of the time were the issues relating to gender equity and diversity in the athletic programs.

Brian informed the council that the executive board also met two weeks ago with Rob Brodnick who is now working to develop new guidelines for both administrative and academic program review. Executive board agreed to help Rob put together a small task force to work with him including developing a new set of guidelines for academic program review. The search is still ongoing for folks to serve on the task force. Brian announced that if anyone at Academic Council thinks that they might be interested or has a recommendation of somebody else; please let a member of the executive board know. Rob has promised Brian that this will be a short term project and hopes to have a report out of that task force by Spring break next semester.

4. Provost’s Report
Provost Gilbertson reported further on the increased media coverage

Provost Gilbertson added some further comments about the board meeting. One,
the 30 minute discussion following the presentation that was done on the Pacific Rising draft. He informed the council it was interesting to hear the board members’ response to that. Those who were exposed to the CVTs were very excited about the additions and are eager to get more information and look forward to further discussion on that. Also, the Provost advised the council that he had some concerns as to how the board would react to the current draft of the plan because it is still kind of cumbersome, in outline form, doesn’t really grab the attention. However, just going through the quick review of it, they were very pleased with it. It contained the 16 parameters that they had suggested be used in the planning process and even felt that it exceeded their expectations.

Provost Gilbertson advised the council that with regard to the selling of the radio station, there are some tentative, confidential negotiations going on and he felt that by the first of the year the radio station would be sold.

Provost Gilbertson reported on the dean search for the College. He also asked that any issues with the graduate dean and research and grad studies office be resolved in the next month as a key recruitment effort will be going on in early December.

Provost Gilbertson reported on the open position of Assistant Provost for Diversity.
He shared that now that the board has responded favorably to some aspects of the plan, he is prepared to put together a search team in the next couple of weeks and launch that search with an expected appointment by next summer.

5. Proposal to establish the Technology in Learning Committee
Brian Klunk gave an overview on the proposal to establish the Technology in Learning Committee. He explained that the proposal would be an addition to the handbook at 6.2.15. R. Opandy moved, J. Livesey seconded. Following discussion, D.Fries amended the motion as follows: to rename the committee Technology and Education Committee(TEC), as well as adding a reference to the Information Strategy Committee(ISC) in the first paragraph of the proposal, adding ISC to the fourth bullet of the proposal to read “Serve as a communication conduit between ISC, OIT, the Academic Council, and the academic units for the purpose of keeping all parties informed of activities and needs” and add A sentence to the membership paragraph to read “The Chair is a standing member of The Information Strategy Committee(ISC).
F. Rose seconded the motion and it was unanimously approved.

6. By-Laws for the Faculty of the Library
Chair Klunk recognized Lydia Fox who is currently serving on the Professional Relations Committee to introduce the proposed By-Laws for the Faculty of the Library that were included in their meeting agenda packets. Lydia informed the council that the By-Laws came to Professional Relations Committee year before last the first time, recommendations were made and sent back to the Library. It was amended and came to the Professional Relations Committee last May. The Professional Relations Committee have gone through the document and now it is what the PRC feels is complete and ready to be presented to the AC Council. After brief discussion, a motion was made by L. Fox, seconded by K. Day, to approve the By-Laws for the Faculty of the Library. The motion was unanimously approved.

7. Collaboration Vision Team Report
Chair Klunk introduced Gene Bigler of the School of International Studies. Gene Bigler gave highlights of the monthly CVT for Latin America; The Pacific Inter-American Initiative. The council was given a hand-out which summarized the CVT and which was given to the Regents on October 4, 2006. Gene Bigler was thanked for his presentation.

11. What’s on Your Mind?
There was no new business brought forth.

12. Adjournment
Motion: F. Rose moved, M. Bates seconded, to adjourn the meeting at 5:00 p.m.