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September 13, 2001

University of the Pacific - Stockton Campus
Academic Council Meeting
Minutes of September 13, 2001 

Business: T. Brierton (a), N. Peery (pa)
Conservatory: D. Brock (p), J. DeHaan (a), N. Waldvogel (p)
COP: B. Beal (p), M. Kelly (p), C. Kramer (a), R. Lutz (p), C. Ostberg (a), M. Sharp (p), L. Spreer (p), D. Tedards (p), W. Zimmermann (p)
Dental: D. Castagna (a), R. Cohan (p), J. Cohen (a), J. Levy (a)
Education: M. Draheim (p), Phyllis Hensley (p)
Engineering: D. Besch (p), G. Litton (a)
Law: W. Jones (a), C. Manolakas (a), G. Scully (p)
Library: T. Calvo (p), R. Ray (p)
Pharmacy: R. Abood (p), D. Fries (p), S. Smith-Stubblefield (p)
SIS: E. Savelieva (a)
Emeriti: G. Blum (p)
Students: A. Hudson (p), J. Farrell (p)
Ex-Officio: R. Childs (a), A. Freedman (p), P. Gilbertson (p), K. Hughes (a), L. Knight (a), J. Livesey (a), J. Mansoor (a), H. Mayne (p), F. Muskel (a), D. Parker (a), J. Purnell (p), S. Scully (p), D. Smith (a), L. Webster (a), B. Weick (a), B. West (a)
Guests: Roland di Franco, J.T. Brown, Larry Frederick, Margee Ensign

Chair Ron Ray called the Meeting to order at 3:05 p.m.

1. Executive Session

Chair Ray asked all non-voting members of council to leave the room.

2. Approval of Minutes

Motion: Dave Fries moved, Richard Cohan seconded to approve the minutes of May 10, 2001. Motion unanimously passed.

3. Chair's Report: Ron Ray

Chair Ray thanked everyone for attending and focusing on local committees even though they may be pre-occupied with the national tragedy. Chair Ray acknowledged and congratulated the new and continuing members on Council. Chair Ray stated that a strong effort is being made to keep updated material on the Council web page (address listed on the agenda) including all documents being reviewed and the draft faculty handbook. Chair Ray commented that filling open committee position has been overwhelming and difficult and because of this, agenda item number 10, Election Ballot for Various Committees has been removed until more volunteers are found to complete the ballot. Council instructed to forward all nominations to him via e-mail. The completed ballot will be mailed. Chair Ray passed out the current description of the Professional Relations Committee and informed Council that a title change for this committee will be an action item in a future meeting. Chair Ray also passed around a memo from Julie Sina, Vice President of Student Life, regarding a task force to review student conduct, and asking for suggestions of faculty who may be willing to serve on this task force. Vice President Sina has requested faculty nominations by October 1, 2001. Chair Ray drew attention to the fall and spring calendar for Academic Council and stated that all meetings are currently listed in the Pine room but a few may be changing location.

4. Provost’s Report:

Provost Gilbertson commented on four items: 1) National tragedy – the Council of Deans continues to meet to consider ways to assist students, faculty and staff. Details of upcoming events will be announced on E-News. Events continue to help students express their concerns. A specific concern is support for students of all cultural backgrounds, especially Muslim and Arabic at this time. Provost Gilbertson encouraged Council to find ways to register support and report any unfavorable incidents to him immediately. The exclusion of students will not be tolerated. This is a very critical and important challenge that will continue for months to come. 2) Dean Searches – The law school is interviewing approximately 10 candidates off-campus. The COP dean search committee met yesterday for the first time and will be aggressive in seeking nominations. All nominations are welcome and should be sent to the chair, Brian Klunk. 3) One-time expenditures because of a significant reserve for FY01. For the last five years, the President has included a one million dollar reserve in the budget to cover a sudden drop in enrollment. The President decided to spend one million dollars of one-time funds and brought his recommendations to IPC; IPC reviewed these recommendations but added six additional topics. (Including student facilities; improving classrooms with paint, carpet and technology; additional cost of moves not originally anticipated; student life improvements including Callison dining hall, equipment for recreation, renovation of main gym, new lighting and campus beautification.) 4) Program Review Recommendations – The Provost’s recommendations to the President invite Council and IPC responses. IPC recommended tightening review procedures for enhancing Theatre Arts; these revisions will be made to the Provost’s recommendations.

5. What’s On Your Mind?

Richard Cohan asked if there were any plans to make changes in the retirement package as discussed in previous years. Provost Gilbertson replied that a year was lost in the Human Resources transition. The University Compensation Committee chaired by Ed Garrick, Director of Human Resources is moving more aggressively now and is eager to see recommendations on benefits before we get moving on the second salary plan. It is the feel that most faculty prefer a base salary increase although pension and healthcare are also important. Provost Gilbertson suggested that Richard send Ed Garrick an e-mail on the matter.

Professor Mike Sharp asked if we are paying the 49er’s to play on campus and how public the ballot sheet is on the 49er’s visit. Provost Gilbertson responded that he does not have this report but understands that this is a ten-year plan and we are currently short but this could change in two years. Chair Ray mention that he will request that the Vice President for Business and Finance, Pat Cavanaugh, attend at least one Council meeting.

6. A Conversation with Registrar, J.T. Brown:

Chair Ray introduced and welcomed J.T. Brown who started at the university in January 2000. Registrar Brown stated that he is currently working on the following: 1) reviewing the revised catalog and all feedback is welcomed. An outside firm helped with the look and layout and has been placed by school on the web. 2) Technical issues including forms for registering and adding/dropping classes on-line. 3) Reorganizing the office by shifting jobs. The remodeling of Knoles Hall will help. Provost Gilbertson then stated that there is a long list of Banner functions that the University has never used. The current focus is currently on admission with the use of on-line applications. Next focus will be the Registrar Office. Council requested course schedules are distributed sooner to allow time to work out major issues. Registrar Brown stated that the person responsible for this task is currently on family leave and it is his goal to have them distributed ASAP. Registrar Brown also mentioned that catalogs will be sent out in October from now on to allow more time for faculty and Council to review. Registrar Brown requested more communication between his office and Council to improve certain procedures. Professor Sharp asked if Registrar Brown was aware that the counting of double majors differs from departmental reports. Registrar Brown was not aware of this and requested a meeting with Professor Sharp to discuss further. Provost Gilbertson mentioned that Rob Brodnick has resolved this issue and should be included in the meeting. The suggestion to expand the transcript comment line to reinforce requirements and indicate positively that they have met “x” number of credits and still need “x” number more. Registrar Brown spoke with Jon Schamber over the summer and they agree that it is a good idea to make this more visible to both students and advisors. Registrar Brown will follow-up with Jon Schamber and OISR. It was also suggested to move the declaration of major or double major later in the year or do a recount in March to have accurate numbers. Registrar Brown will comply.

7. Faculty Handbook Approval Process

Chair Ray stated that this fall a big part of what Council sees will be the faculty handbook and introduced Professor Jim Blankenship, Chair of the Handbook Committee. Professor Blankenship stated that the goal of the Handbook Committee is not to have the faculty handbook approved as a whole but looked at and approved in sections. Professor Blankenship then discussed the Excel spreadsheet listing each section and the status of approvals and what the approval process is noting that some more recent approvals did not make it on this list. Professor Blankenship also stated that some sections were approved then revisited and revised and now those revisions need approval. Chair Ray suggested a meeting involving the unit chairs, Council and the Handbook Committee take place outside of the monthly Council meeting to answer any questions so that the unit chair can in turn discuss with their colleagues. Chair Ray stated that the entire handbook is available electronically via the Council web page. Question was raised as to which version of the handbook was given out and discussed during the new faculty orientation. It was discovered that neither versions were mentioned. Provost Gilbertson stated that the Faculty Handbook clearly states that faculty have a two-year grace period for changes in policies and procedures. Professor Glendalee Scully from McGeorge School of Law informed Council that the committee to elect a faculty chair is still meeting and until a new faculty chair is elected, she will help by attending these meetings. Provost Gilbertson stated that John Sims from the Law School is on the Handbook Committee and between the two of them he is confident information will be shared.

8. A Conversation with CIO/Associate Provost, Larry Frederick

Associate Provost Frederick summarized his background up to his recent appointment to Pacific in August and is currently living on campus and becoming acclimated in his new position. He has been associated with IT for a long time with a degree in Physics. He spent many years of hardcore computing and worked at Emory University (1973-1995) and then Vanderbilt (1995-2001) directing network and academic computing. Associate Provost Frederick is currently working on the following: 1) Communication between OISR and the campus; 2) Web policy; 3) Security Policies for IT; 4) File space for web, teaching, administration and directory service. Associate Provost Frederick stated that he knows there are many issues to look at and he is working on setting priorities. He also took notes during the conversation with Registrar Brown and will pass along the issues mentioned. He requested that all other concerns be sent via e-mail to him at with a copy to Marisa Kelly, Chair, ITPC and John Livesey, Director of Educational Technology Services. Provost Gilbertson added that the administration is pleased to have Larry on our team.

9. IPTC – Provisional Description

Chair Ray mentioned that last year a number of discussions took place on how to change and consolidate the IT committees on campus. ACITC involving faculty and students was put on hold and brought to ITPC. Chair Ray noted the following changes: 1) “One academic dean selected appointed annually by the Provost” and 2) “Five faculty members appointed annually for three-year staggered terms by the Academic Council”. Motion: David Brock moved, Dave Fries seconded to approve the Revised ITPC description with changes. Motion unanimously passed. Provost Gilbertson informed Council that Bob Paulson is the Director of Networking/Enterprise Services and John Livesey is the Director of Educational Technology Services. The five faculty members are Gerry Post, Jim Hetrick, Gene Pearson, Dave Fletcher and Marisa Kelly. The staff representative is Alicia Canning; senior administrator is Rob Brodnick; and the academic dean is Margie Ensign; one student is Matthew Davis and one is still pending; dental school representative is Paul Glassman; and the law school representative is Greg Mathes. Provost Gilbertson also noted that Jim Hetrick and Louis Stark are the lead people on SunRay. Motion: Dave Fries moved, Phyllis Hensley seconded to approve the provisional appointment of the five faculty members with the understanding that they will be elected in the future. Motion passed with one abstention.

10. Election Ballot for Various Committees

Pulled from agenda. The ballot will be mailed to Council members at a later date.

11. Program Review Update – Assistant Provost Jean Purnell

Assistant Provost Purnell went over the handout, Update on Program Review, September 2001. This report lists the program reviews the Academic Affairs Committee worked on last year. Currently we are slated to do 3 to 5 program reviews annually and are behind. The backlog will be completed this year along with four more reviews. Assistant Provost Purnell is currently reviewing a six-year cycle for program review beginning in 1997 to insure that 1) all academic programs are on the correct schedule, 2) to get feedback from the deans on accreditation and other listed issues. This process needs to be improved because most panels dissolve or divide in half during the review process. This results in the work of two people, instead of the panel of six, being reviewed. This does not meet the expectations of WASC or the higher expectation of learning. Assistant Provost Purnell is also working on outlining the panel recommendations, the president’s recommendations and the implementation action to date for the purpose of analyzing the differences. All accreditation schedules are the same with one review every six years.

12. Other Business

Motion: Marisa Kelly moved, Richard Abood seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion unanimously passed. Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Denia Leach, Academic Council Secretary