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September 14, 2000

Meeting Summary
September 14, 2000 

1. The minutes of the May 11, 2000 meeting were approved with amendments.

2. Chair's Report: Council Chair Marisa Kelly reminded members to pick up the member notebook which includes Council Bylaws, Committee descriptions and rosters. She called attention to the Council web site which provides meeting summaries and other information for faculty and introduced new Council member Becky Beal from the College of the Pacific and student member, Greg Erickson, representing ASUOP. She reminded Council members that President DeRosa will attend the November Council meeting and that the Administrative Retreat dealing with the Mission Vision and Priorities statement will be held on January 16, 2001. Finally, Chair Kelly stated that she would convene the members of the newly formed Experiential Learning Oversight Committee on Tuesday.

3. The proposed B.S. in Dental Hygiene offered by the Dental School (a joint program with the College of the Pacific) was discussed and a motion by diFranco/Snell to approve the new program was approved by Council.

4. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson asked Associate Provost for Enrollment Tom Rajala to review information on the entering class of Freshmen and Transfers. The Associate Provost reported that approximately 740 Freshmen and 240 Transfer students had enrolled. The entering Freshmen had an average GPA of 3.47 and an average SAT of 1120. It is expected that the discount rate will be a little better than expected this year. The Provost reported that enrollment at the Law School was better than had been predicted in June and that enrollment at the Dental School was on target. The Provost announced that the search committee for the position Dean of the law School had been formed. President DeRosa appointed the six faculty members elected by the faculty. In addition the committee will be comprised of VP Cavanaugh, one student, one staff member, one alumni and one member from the legal community. Paul Richardson who chairs the Law School Panel for the National Commission will chair the search committee. The Provost will report on the status of the Faculty Salary Plan at the next meeting and that Program Review documents for Non Academic Units will in the future be circulated more widely. He reported that four Academic Program Reviews (Psychology, Biological Sciences, Economics and Sociology) remain to be completed from last year. The Provost asked Assistant Provost Heather Mayne to review a preliminary draft statement regarding a grant which will be submitted to the Irvine Foundation. Assistant Provost Mayne briefly reviewed the purpose of the grant and responded to questions. She indicated that the increased targets for emerging majority students should not be interpreted as establishing admissions quotas and admissions standards would not be altered. In response to questions about the numbers in the document, the Assistant Provost requested that Roland di Franco work with her to make sure they are presented in the most effective manner.

5. A Conversation with Lynn Kubeck, Chief Information Officer: Associate Provost Kubeck reviewed projects that the Office of Information Services was currently implementing. They included: 1) the network upgrade being facilitated by Cisco Systems, 2) another initiative to alleviate the ongoing bottleneck of data entering and leaving the university with additional "bandwidth" provided by a wireless feed to Pacific Bell (The cost of bringing fiber optic cable to campus has been estimated at between $50K and $2M); 3) the Sun Ray project with initial installation in the Engineering Lab and the newly renovated Callison "dining" area; 4) services to students and faculty such as the most recent attempt to facilitate a common e-mail system in the form of MyPacific (Campus Pipeline™), 5)continued improvement at the Customer Support center and 6) faculty and staff training on Microsoft products. The Associate Provost answered questions and responded to comments concerning the Lotus Notes e-mail initiative and Faculty Banner initiatives which were to have been implemented in late August, general education notation on courses, a common ISP for off campus students, the absence of Manuals at the Customer Support Desk, implementation problems with the MyPacific initiative, incompatibility of Windows2000 and the Banner Web Financial Programs. She solicited faculty input regarding these and other OISR initiatives.

6. What's On Your Mind? Christine Manolakas, representative from the Law School, complimented President DeRosa on his appointment of the six faculty to the Law School Dean Search Committee. Roland diFranco, representative from the College of the Pacific stated his concern that the Search Committee was being chaired by an alumni representative and not a member of the University faculty or staff. Gene Pearson complimented the faculty participants in the Web Design Group George Randels and Shawn Batt as well as Jean Purnell, Randall Ogans and Raoul Villilpando in the Media Services Unit of the Library.

7. Ballots were distributed to Council members to select nominees and committee members. The Provost stated that Dean Ensign would serve on Promotions and Tenure and also the University Information Technology Policy Committee. Dean Oppenheimer will join Dean Ensign on the Promotions and Tenure Committee.

8. IPC Planning and Budget Assumptions & Recommendations: David Brock reviewed the revisions to the Budget Assumptions and Planning Guidelines. for FY 2002 & 2003. Council members raised questions regarding deletion of the reference to AAUP IIA 60th percentile as a target for faculty salaries, why faculty/staff was struck before the word compensation in the heading, what was meant by the use of facilities in item 7 under Budget Assumptions. There was a brief discussion concerning the manner in which building facility priorities were determined in campus decision making.

9. Information Security Policies: The Remote Access Policy and the External Trusted Network Policy were approved as presented.

10. National Commission Report: Gene Pearson, Faculty Liaison to the National Commission for the Next Level of Excellence called attention to a handout listing the seven Panels and the faculty representatives on each panel. He encouraged Council members to talk with faculty representatives. Faculty representatives should be getting input from their colleagues in each unit and unit councils.

11. Other Business: The meeting was adjourned at 5:00 pm.