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September 23, 1999

University of the Pacific
Academic Council
September 23, 1999
Pine Room - McCaffrey Center

1. The minutes of the September 9 meeting were approved.

2. Chair's Report: Chair Snell mentioned the additional issues which will be discussed under Other Business and the end of the agenda. They include changes in the University Informational Technology Planning Committee, additional to the proposal on Experiential Learning and the proposed five-year academic calendar.

3. Provost's Report: Provost Gilbertson indicated that enrollment should come in at approximately 5% above last year. He reported that because other Universities have been increasing salaries at a greater rate than UOP (4% vs 3%) it may be the the Faculty Salary Plan has not reached its original goal. He has asked IPC and the Faculty Compensation Committee to review figures and assess the progress made. The Provost also reported that the retention of Freshmen to their Sophomore year had increased from 81% (Fall 94 Freshmen) to at least 87% (Fall 1998 Freshmen).

4. Institutional Priorities Committee Report: Professor Lydia Fox reported that UOP ended the 1999 budget year with a surplus of approximately $1.8 million. The IPC has been reviewing the campus master plan in conjunction with existing planning priorities.

5. Open Forum (What's On Your Mind?): Brad Stockert announced that Dean Phil Oppenheimer, Dean of the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, had invited the Academic Council to hold the December meeting at the School of Pharmacy and health Sciences. Bob Cox mentioned the recent Open House hosted in the new facility of the Center for Teaching Learning and Technology.

6. Program review - Department of Film Studies: Newman Peery, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, stated that the Academic Affairs Committee had certified the process used in the Program Review of the Department of Film Studies review and had also endorsed the recommendations of the review panel. Ken Albala, Council representative on the review panel, presented the recommendations of the review panel.
After a lengthy discussion a motion to accept the report with reservations was approved by Council with numerous abstentions. Questions that remain include the uncertain status of the major, the impact of the recommendations on the film studies program as currently constituted, the number of students that might be attracted to a new major, the exact type of administrative structure that was being recommended and the potential resource needs of the department. Some concerns were raised concerning the role of the Academic Council and the role of the College of the Pacific in addressing issues concerning departmental administration.

7. WASC Report - Part I Chapter 3, part II Chapter 3: Chair Snell asked that all corrections be sent to Jean Purnell, Dean of Libraries. The most recent draft is on the university web site at

8. National Commissions Concept Paper: Provost Gilbertson briefly summarized the current status of the implementation process for the National Commissions. In response to a question by Roland diFranco the Provost stated that the Panels would operate in an open and interactive process to assure that any proposals would be addressed in an appropriate manner in line with normal University procedures.

9. Other Business: Chair Snell reported on the additional members to the University Information Technology Planning Committee proposed by CIO Lynn Kubeck. It was suggested that possibly additional faculty also be added at this time. Chair Snell also called attention to two documents distributed at the start of the meeting that will likely be additions to the Experiential Learning Proposal discussed at the May 6 meeting. They include a definition of Experiential Learning and an Implementation Plan. The final item that Chair Snell addressed was the academic calendar which has been proposed for the next five years. Chair Snell urged Council members to review the documents carefully because these items will be action items at the October meeting.