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December 5, 2017


Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies (AACU)
Library Taylor Room 3:00 - 5:00 PM   

Call to order    

I.  Information Item                                             
     Policy for Blended/Hybrid and Online Courses - Patricia Campbell, Dean of University College - Information
II.  Action Items                                                                                              
1.  College of the Pacific
Political Science
Program Proposal
BA Political Science (change to elective subfield)                    
Health and Exercise Sciences     
Program Proposal
BA HESP (department change, replace BA HESP with BA and minor in HES)   
Course Proposals       
HESP 110 - Health and Exercise Science Law                        
HESP 129 - Principles of Exercise (title change)                        
HESP 147 - Exercise Physiology I (title change)                        
HESP 177 - Exercise Physiology II (title change)  
2.    School of Engineering
Civil Engineering
Program Proposal
BS Civil Engineering (add CIVL 163 as a technical elective for the major)
Course Proposal
CIVL 163 - Introduction to Earthquake Engineering
Computer Science
Course Proposals 
COMP 051 - Introduction to Computer Science (catalog copy change) 
COMP 053 - Data Structures (prerequisite change) 
COMP 155 - Computer Simulation (prerequisite change)  
EMGT 155 - Computer Simulation (prerequisite change) 
Program Proposal
BS Bioengineering (changes to required and elective courses, changes to Biomedical and Biomechanical concentration electives)
Course Proposals
BENG 154 - Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BENG 194 - Bioengineering Project Proposal
BENG 5 - Introduction to Bioengineering (prerequisite and unit change)
BENG 103 - Biomaterials (prerequisite change)
BENG 124 - Biomechanics (prerequisite change)
BENG 195 - Senior Project (prerequisite and unit change)
ENGR 110 - Instrumentation and Experimental Methods (prerequisite change)
3.  College of the Pacific and School of Engineering                  
Physics, Math and Computer Science
Program Proposal            
Minor in Data Science   
Course Proposals
COMP 61 - Introduction to Programming for Data Science 3. 
COMP 162 - Data Analytics Programming
4.  Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry
Dental Hygiene
Course Proposals
DHYG 142 - Ethics and Jurisprudence
DHYG 144 - Senior Project
DHYG 145 - Dental Hygiene Clinic III
DHYG 146 - Dental Hygiene Clinic III
5.    Election of Chair-elect - Jianhua Ren   

III.   Information/Discussion Items:                                           
         Discuss course of action for review and approval of Minor Policy
IV.       What's on your mind?