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November 7, 2017


Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies (AACU)
Library Taylor Room 3:00 - 5:00 PM   

Call to order    

I.       Consent Calendar                                                                                         Action             
         Minutes of October 3, 2017              

II.      Action Items                                                                                                  Action 
A.     Course Proposals
1.      College of the Pacific School of International Studies
ANTH 54 - Antropologia Cultural
ANTH 112 - Physical Anthropology
ANTH 164 - Anthropology of Food
INTL 113L - Video Lab for World Geography
INTL 152 - Inter-American Cross-Cultural Training
INTL 165 - Development, Modernization, and Cultural Change
INTL 175 - Ethics Across Cultures
INTL 61 - The UN System
INTL 69 - Introduction to International Law
INTL 71 - Cross Cultural for International Students
INTL 105 - Globalization, the U.S. and the World
2.     Eberhardt School of Business
BUSI 112 - Computer Skills for Accountants                        
BUSI 136 - Business Programming                        
BUSI 172 - Entrepreneurship                        
BUSI 176 - Managing Small Businesses                        
BUSI 177 - International Trade Law                        
BUSI 53 - The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business                        
BUSI 109 - Management & Organizational Behavior                        
BUSI 115 - Federal Income Taxation                        
BUSI 153 - Entertainment Law                        
BUSI 157 - Commercial Law                        
BUSI 159 - Employment Law                        
BUSI 178 - International Commercial Law                                    
BUSI 227 - Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation                        
BUSI 228 - Supply Chain Financial Management
3.     Conservatory of Music
MTHR 186 - Music Therapy Internship Seminar            
B.    Program Proposals
1.     College of the Pacific School of International Studies
Minor Anthropology (course deletions and modifications of sets of elective courses)
BA Global Studies (description change, removal of electives)
BA International Affairs and Commerce (description change, removal of elective)
BA International Relations (removal of electives)
2.     Eberhardt School of Business
BS Accounting BS/MA Accounting
3.     Conservatory of Music
BM Music Therapy   
C.     Election of Chair-elect - Jianhua Ren
D.     University Assessment Committee member selection - Jianhua Ren
The committee is updating their charge but will still need an AACU member   
E.     Minor Changes to Courses and Programs Process Sub-committee - Daniel Ebbers   
F.     Policy for Blended/Hybrid and Online Courses - Jianhua Ren
Select member for sub-committee     

III.    Discussion Items:                                                                  Information/Discussion
         Minor Policy
Discuss course of action for review and approval of Minor Policy            

IV.    What's on your mind?