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October 3, 2017


Academic Affairs Committee on Undergraduate Studies (AACU)
DUC 215 3:00 - 5:00 PM      

Call to order       

I.      Consent Calendar                                                                                          Action             
Minutes of September 5, 2017                          
        Course Proposals
        New Courses            
Conservatory of Music            
        Music Management
MMGT 035 Digital Music Basics            
        MMGT 135 Desktop Music Production            
        College of the Pacific            
        Religious Studies
RELI 141 Religion and Ethics              

II.     Action Items                                                                                                  Action              
        Program Proposals
        Conservatory of Music
        BA Music, BA Arts (remove zero credit, solo course requirement)
        College of the Pacific 
        Political Science
        Minor Pre Law (course requirements revision)
        Pacific Legal Scholars Program (fieldtrip requirement revision)  

        Election of Chair-elect   

        University Assessment Committee member selection
        Select an AACU faculty member to serve a two year term on the University Assessment Committee  

III.   Discussion Items:                                                                                      Information/Discussion                     

IV.   What's on your mind?